Aurora's History

Shenzhen Aurora Technology Limited was started over 15 years ago and started out manufacturing military products. Today, Aurora is professional manufacturer which utilizes its own designs to engineer various LED lighting products as well as LED mounting brackets. Aurora is well known for its high-quality products due to their strict quality standards which can be attributed to their philosophy that states "Quality and stability should drive the core principal values". Moreover, they have implemented a "7S Management" function which strictly monitors production procedures and quality inspections

Auroras Factory

Auroras factory is in the Economic Center of Shenzhen. As one of the top global suppliers in the LED light bar market, Aurora has one of the most modernized engineering labs coupled with a fully equipped state-of-the-art R&D laboratory. This laboratory is operated by a highly skilled R&D team that adheres to strict testing requirements that meet and exceed their ISO9001 standards.

Aurora Factory 

Aurora Products

AURORA Products includes the following:

  1. Led light bar
  2. Led driving light
  3. Led scene light
  4. Led marine light
  5. Led headlight bulb
  6. Jeep Accessories 

Product Applications

AURORA led light bar widely used in for the following vehicle types; ATV, SUVs & Trucks, Project vehicles, Off road vehicles, Mining vehicle, Heavy Equipment Truck, Jeeps, Motorcycles and Boats.

Aurora New Products



Aurora always feel that all success of their company is directly related to the quality of the products they offer. Aurora meets the highest quality requirements and own the following certificates, ISO9001:2008, IP68, IP69K, SAE, EMARK, CE, & RoHS. To ensure a long-lasting reputation they also perform additional test on their products such as:

  • Temperature test in extreme cold and extreme heat scenarios
  • Temperature Shock
  • UV Testing
  • Humidity Testing
  • Salt Testing
  • Sand and Dust testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Anti-interference Testing