Truck Light Bar Mount for 20 Inch Light Bars

Easily add an 20 inch off road light bar to the front of your truck using Aurora's Universal Cradle mount.


Aurora’s steel cradle light bar mount will allow you to snuggly fit a 20 inch Dual row or single row light bar into your trucks front bumper.


Truck Light Bar Mount

Easily add more lights to the front of your truck your vehicle with these heavy duty Aurora Cradle Style Light bar Mount. These economically designed LED mounts are comprised of solid 6063 lightweight aluminum and is backed by a 3 year limited warranty. You can mount this product with pride knowing that it is powdered coated black to prevent rust and then finished with a special Anti-UV coating to survive the long haul.

Best Truck Light Bar Mount

This truck light bar mount is aerodynamically designed to to hold the LED light bar firmly in place during severe off road conditions.

Truck Light Bar Mount Features

  • 180 degree rotation
  • Adjustable
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • No Drilling required
  • Universal design
  • Easy installation
  • Solid construction
  • Stylish Finish
  • No custom fabrication needed

What comes with this Truck Light Bar Mount

One Heavy duty Light bar cradle mount

Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware which consist of Two Bolts, two lock washers, and two nuts 


Why Add a light bar to the front of your Truck

The best reason to add a light bar to the front of your truck is to increase  night time visibility. Whether you’re on a trail or a back country road, more lighting allows for safer driving.

The second reason to add this light bar bracket to your truck is that it doesn’t alter the factory look of your truck. You most likely purchased your truck because you liked the way it looked, so why change it? This truck light bar bracket will allow you to add a light bar to your truck without drastically changing the look of your truck.

Mounting a truck light bar to your truck

Because of this product unique versatility you can mount this light bar bracket on the top or bottom side of the bumper opening.

Things to consider before making this purchase

  • How much space is needed to mount this? Height, width, depth
  • Is there anything behind your grill that can be affected, Cruise control box, intercooler, etc.
  • Other than that, this light bar will fit most Dodge Trucks, Ford Trucks, Chevy Trucks, Toyota Trucks, Nissan trucks, Ram Trucks and most other trucks.

Truck Light bars you can easily add to your Rig

Aurora 20 Inch Dual Row – Most Popular

Aurora 20 inch Single Row – Great for saving space

Aurora 20 inch Hybrid – Best Spot beam in its class

Aurora 20 inch NSSR Single Row – Thinnest light bar available

Aurora 20 inch Amber Light bar – For foggy and snowy conditions

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