Aurora offers a variety of 10-inch LED light bars that have a multitude of different purposes that spans multiple industries. Aurora’s 10-inch LED light bars are great for off road use, construction equipment, marine and boat applications, agriculture, mining and so much more. So which LED light bar is right for you? Well we are going to make this process easier for you by briefly reviewing all the 10-inch LED light bars that Aurora has to offer. To make this article as easy to read as possible this light bar review is not in order of popularity, it is in alphabetical order.

Aurora 10 Inch Amber LED Light Bar

Built to make driving in bad weather easier, this 10-inch light bar features 20 Cree LED’s that span across two rows and produces 3,400 lumens. While other competitors make their amber light bars by sticking white LED’s behind an amber lens, Aurora produces their Amber light bars with amber LED chips. The reasoning for this is that an amber lens will reduce the amount of LED light that comes of out of the light bar which ultimately becomes counterproductive.

Aurora amber 10 inch led light bar

Aurora 10 Inch Back-lit Series Light Bar

If your goal is to turn heads while you’re driving, then look no further than the Aurora Back-lit series LED light bar. This unique light bar is available in red, amber, green, white and blue. The back lit series light bar features two separate lights in one unit, the first light is your main beam which emits a white light and the second is a colored back lit LED light. This 10-inch light bar features 20 Cree LED’s for the main beam and 6 Cree LED’s for the background light.

aurora colored led light bars

Aurora 10 Inch Dual Row Light Bar

This light bar series needs no introduction as it’s the best light bar in its class. Compact, affordable, and powerful are the top three terms used to describe this LED light bar. While this light bar is only a 10 inch, it produces an amazing 8,560 lumens with a low amp draw of 3.6 amps making it perfect for both small and large vehicles.

This Aurora 10 inch LED light bar can also be purchased in an E-mark approved version for our customers in Europe.

Aurora 10 Inch D1 Series LED Light Bar

The Aurora D-series 10 inch light bar is looks like the standard 10 inch light bar except it has sliding mounts that allow it to be mounted in more ways than the traditional 10 inch light bar. The D1 series produces the same amount of lumens as the 10 inch light bar but has a beam pattern that goes 300 feet further making this the ideal product for someone looking for a light bar to go the distance.

aurora d1 series led light bar

Aurora Evolve 10 Inch LED Light Bar

The Aurora Evolve is the most advanced LED light bar on the market due to the amount of features this light bar comes equipped with. Starting from the outside, this light bar comes equipped a 7 color RGB back light that can be used while cruising the streets or when you’re at a car or truck show. When the sun goes down and your tires leave the pavement, hit power button to unleash the raw power of twenty-eight Osram LED chips. Spot the obstacles with ease while using one of the 6 available beam options that change the light pattern from spot to flood. Lastly, the Aurora Evolve light bar has a high and low beam option to give you complete control of your night time adventure. So if your looking for the best LED light bar for a car or truck show, then this is the light bar you want.

Aurora 10 Inch LED Light Bars Review

Aurora 10 Inch Hybrid LED Light Bar - Dual Row & Single Row

Aurora’s engineers wanted to create a LED light bar that has beam pattern that would go the distance without redesigning the housing. A couple of months later the Aurora Hybrid LED light bar series were created. These lights bars were named “Hybrid Series” due to the LED chip configuration of 3-watt Cree LED chips and 10-watt Cree LED chips. This Hybrid setup allows the light beam to project further than the traditional 10 inch light bar. This LED light bar is offered in a single row and a dual row for maximum mounting options.

Aurora 10 inch led light bar hybrid series

aurora 10 inch single row led light bar hybrid series

Aurora 10 Inch Marine White LED Light Bar

This marine white light bar has all the great features of the traditional 10 inch dual row LED light bar but are coated white making it a great addition to any boat or watercraft. Whether your cruising the open water or looking for the perfect nighttime fishing spot, these led lights will help you navigate the dark easier.. The Aurora white LED light bars are not just boats, they also can be used for automotive and ATV purposes. These are perfect if you are looking for a white light bar to color match your vehicle or if you don’t like the standard black finish. If you’re still undecided about this white light bar then check out our open box review video.

aurora white led light bar

Aurora D5 NSSR Series 10 inch LED Light Bar

New to the market are Aurora’s D5 NSSR Slim row series LED light bars. These slim single row light bars feature a patented no-screw design that creates a sleek finish that blends well with any vehicle. Aurora’s engineers also redesigned the light bar housing to be comprised of three major components which also resulted in a light bar that is 30% thinner than competitors light bars. Competitors are still manufacturing their light bars the old way by using six or more major components which increases the overall cost. This revolutionary new design allows Aurora to offer quality LED light bars at a competitive retail price.

aurora d5 series D5 series led light bar

Aurora 10 Inch Wide Angle Scene Beam LED Light Bars- Dual Row & Single Row

Aside from being a mouthful to say, these LED light bars produce the widest beam pattern in its class. The scene beam light bars emit a LED light at an eye opening 120 degrees which makes it perfect for construction equipment LED lighting, mining LED lighting and RV LED lighting. These Wide Angle light bars are also perfect for ROPS LED lighting, snowplow LED lighting as well as LED lighting for tractors. The 10 inch led light bar can be easily added to the rear of any vehicle to act as auxiliary reverse lights. The Aurora Scene beam light bars are offered in both a single row and a double row version.

aurora wide angle scene beam led light bars

aurora 10 inch wide angle scene beam led light bars

Aurora 10 Inch Single Row LED Light Bar

Last on the list is Aurora’s single row LED light bar which is small in size but still packs a punch. These single row light bars can be equipped with either a driving beam or a combination beam. Small but powerful these light bars produce 4,280 lumens and stand at 3.2 inches tall. For our European customers, these LED lights are also offered in an E-marked complaint version.

aurora 10 inch led light bar

All 10 inch LED light bars include a free deluxe wiring harness that contains, a LED indicator switch, waterproof fuse, 12 volt relay, Deutsch waterproof connectors and all the wiring you will need for simple installation.

Aurora LED light bars include free shipping in the untied states as well as US territories. We also ship light bars internationally for an additional low-cost fee that is safe and fast.

10 inch light bar review