Aurora LED Light Bar Wiring Harness

UPS just dropped off your brand-new LED light bar. Like a kid at Christmas time, you start the unboxing ritual of ignoring all the important stuff so you can reveal the main attraction. As you stand there admiring the product you realize that you have never installed an LED light bar before.

After conducting a quick Google search, you are inundated with hundreds of articles claiming to show the correct way to install the product. Before you go reading all of those articles, check ours out first.

How difficult it is it to install an LED light bar?

This is one our most asked questions. For most LED light bars to be installed correctly, it does require a bit of electrical knowledge, a wiring harness, and a relay. Although not all products will include a wiring harness and relay, all light bars sold on this website include a deluxe completely assembled wiring harness and relay. This is done so you don’t have to spend extra money for a harness, and so even the most inexperienced can still install the product with ease.

(If you’re here because you are in the middle of an LED light bar installation and need to confirm that your wiring is correct, then scroll to the bottom. All others who are looking to learn more about the various components that make our wiring harness function can keep reading.)

Before we roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s take the time to understand the components of the wiring harness. Or check out our review video.

Aurora LED light bar wiring harness

Components of an Aurora LED Light Bar Wiring Harness:

Light switch:

Aurora LED wiring harness switch

Standard on every Aurora wiring harness is a CE Compliant 3 Pin Rocker switch. The CE Compliant certification mark stipulates that the manufacture must conform with all government safety, health, and environmental manufacturing processes. This important mark speaks to the philosophy of the manufacture and their dedication towards offering a quality product. You will notice that low-end LED light bar manufactures feature non-CE compliant switches.

The switch is encompassed in a water-resistant cover. This increases the mounting location possibilities and makes easy work of installation. It also includes a red power indication light which is bright enough to be seen during the day time, but dim enough so it will not cause a distraction when the light bar is powered on.

Water Resistant Relay:

Aurora relay for wiring harness

The included 4 pin water resistant relay is rated for 12 volts and 40 amps. Upon first inspection, you will find that all the wires feeding the relay are encased in a layer of PVC insulation to keep your connections sealed from moisture. The relay itself has a heavy-duty mount enabling multiple mounting locations. 

If your vehicle or boat has a 24 volt system then you will need to add an Aurora 24-volt LED Light Bar Relay.

On the top of the relay you will notice four numbers:

  • 87 – The positive wire that goes to your lights. It is defaulted off via the internal switch inside of the relay. This wire should only have 12 volts when the LED light bar switch is on.
  • 86 – This carries the negative or ground current.
  • 85 – The positive current from the switch.
  • 30 – This is the positive current from your battery that will go to the light. This wire is also equipped with the in-line fuse.


Aurora wiring harness fuse

Included in every wiring harness is a standard blade-type fuse specifically for that lighting product. The fuse itself is encased in a water-resistant housing that allows for multiple mounting locations.

The Wire:

The wiring of the Aurora LED light bar harness consists of tinned copper wrapped in thermoplastic insulation. The terminal ends are soldered and insulated in heat shrink tubing to prevent contamination from foreign materials. A rugged PVC encases the wires for the appearance of professional installation.

To ensure proper installation, Aurora provides you with a total of 16 feet of wiring which is more than enough to achieve successful installation. From the relay, Aurora provides you with eight feet of wiring to the LED Light bar, four feet of wiring to the on/off switch, and four feet of wiring to the battery.

Deutsch Connector:

Aurora wiring harness Deutsch connector

Standard with every Aurora LED lighting product is a single Deutsch Connector or dual plug Deutsch connector. Rugged and reliable, the Deutsch connector has a thermoplastic housing design sealed to the elements with its signature integrated latch. The integrated latch wedges the terminal pins together in order to create an impenetrable seal eliminating the likelihood of moisture intrusion.

If you are looking to control more than one LED light with one switch then check out our Deutsch Connector Splitters.

2-Way - One Female plug that has TWO Male plugs at the end

4-Way - One Female plug that has FOUR Male plugs at the end

Terminal Ends:

Aurora LED light bar wiring harness terminal ends

To ensure a seamless connection to your vehicle’s battery, the positive and negative battery terminal cables are equipped with soldered ring terminals covered with heat shrink tubing.

Three Simple Connections:

The diagram below shows the three simple connections you need to make to have your lighting system fully operational.

Aurora led light bar wiring harness

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