Top 5 Factors you Should Consider Before buying Your Next Light Bar

We had a chance to sit down with Aurora to ask them what they feel are important factors when deciding on what light bar to purchase.

Why does someone need to purchase a LED light bar?

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With the exception of your vehicle’s brakes and tires, automotive lights are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Reaching your destination safely is important so having a clear view of the road is vital when driving at night. These reasons are why you should consider upgrading your automotive lighting system with LED lighting such as a light bar.

What is a LED Light Bar?

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A light bar is basically a lighting device featuring LED lights aligned in a horizontally layout. The light bar's main purpose is to provide bright and clear light beams in the absence of natural light. When a light bar is mounted on a vehicle, such as a jeep, truck or other 4WD vehicle, the light bar supplements the vehicle’s headlights which provide offers the driver a better view of the road and any potential obstacles. 

What features should a customer look at before purchasing a light bar?

Before purchasing a light bar a customer should consider the following five features:

  1. SizeLED light bars are available in different sizes. Some of the most popular sizes are 6-inch, 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch.
  2. Shape - Light bars can be curved, rectangular, square, flush-mount or round in shape. Rectangular lights are good at spreading the lights to the sides while round and square units can fit more lights in a given area. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, many drivers prefer round lights over square lights as they help improve the overall appearance of their vehicles.
  3. Beam Pattern/ Beam AngleThe beam angle determines the width and depth of the area illuminated by the light bars. For wider coverage, choose a flood beam pattern. If you need the light to reach farther distances, a spot beam pattern is the best choice. If you think you’ll need both, look for an LED bar light for sale that offers a combination beam pattern which is comprised of flood beam and a spot beam pattern. If you need LED reverse lights or light with a really wide beam pattern and distance is a concern then you want the Wide Angle Scene Beam lights.
  4. LED ColorAmber LED lights is a great addition when driving in difficult conditions such a fog, rain, and snow. However, in clear conditions, they may not be as effective as white LED light bars. Which is why we recommend installing amber and white LED light bars, so you can easily navigate your way in both conditions. If you are limited on mounting space then you want to consider the Aurora AW series light bars which feature a amber beam and a white beam all in one unit.
  5. BrightnessWhether you’re buying premium light bar or a cheap light bar, always check the brightness of the light bar you are purchasing. The brightness of LED light bars in measured in lumens (not watts), indicating how much visible light they can generate. 

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