Best LED Lights For Golf Carts Part I - LED Pods

Check out John in Florida Club Car Onward Lifted go cart equipped with Aurora’s 3“ LED Pod light kit, smoked edition. John has owned this golf cart for a while, but he required more light when driving at night as the stock golf cart headlights weren’t enough. Where John lives there are many stretches of dark areas and the extra lighting provided by the Aurora 3 Inch Pods really helps with the safety of being seen and seeing the golf cart paths in front of them. Enhancing the LED lighting on the golf cart wasn’t enough for John as he also wanted to make sure the LED golf cart lighting would be aesthetically pleasing as well.

club car onward lifted led golf car lights by aurora

So John went with Aurora 3 Inch Pods Smoked Edition for LED golf cart lighting. These LED golf cart lights come with a smoked cover that goes over top of the 3 Inch pods providing a more concealed design.

golf cart led lightinh

The logical reasoning behind golf cart ownership has evolved these past couple of decades as golf carts were primarily used for golfing purposes. Fast forward to today, the versatility of a golf cart allows it to adapt to multiple scenarios beyond the sport of golfing.

Golf Cart LED Light Options

When it comes to LED golf cart lighting, we have a multitude of golf cart LED lighting options that will meet your needs. Customize your Golf Cart with Aurora’s popular and powerful LED golf cart lights that will compliment any golf cart. Aurora LED golf cart lighting can be added as forward-facing LED lighting, golf cart under body LED lighting, golf cart LED canopy lights, interior LED golf cart lighting, LED golf cart roof lights, as well as LED light bars for golf carts.

Golf Cart LED Pod light Cover Kits

While we have the Aurora Smoked Edition kits for your Golf cart we also offer these other popular Golf Cart LED lighting kits.

Golf Cart LED Pod Overcast Kit - This kit comes with a set of Amber covers that can easily be added to your Golf cart in snowy or foggy conditions.

golf cart led lighting
Golf Cart LED Lights - Defender Kit – This kit includes a set of clear covers that can be used as another layer of protection to prolong the life expectancy of your Golf carts LED light pods. 

golf cart led lighting

Golf Cart LED LightsStealth Kit Looking to go incognito? Then check out the Stealth Kit. The difference between the Stealth kit and the Smoked kit is that the Stealth kit completely blocks the light.

Golf cart LED lighting stealth edition

Different types of Golf Cart LED lighting Pods

Here are the other LED Lights that can be used as forward-facing golf cart lighting or LED golf cart roof lighting.

Aurora Lasers Golf Cart LED Lighting These lights feature a powerful spot beam and produce 1,800 lumens.

Aurora Golf cart led lighting

Aurora Diffused LED Golf Cart Lighting - The diffusion beam produces a softer light which gives the illusion of the light surrounding the obstacle as opposed to other beams which shine directly onto the obstacle which can create a glare.

Aurora Golf cart led diffused lighting

Aurora Amber LED Golf Cart Lighting - Don't get stranded in bad weather with these powerful LED amber cubes.

Aurora Amber LED Golf Cart Lighting

Aurora 3 Inch Spot and Flood Beam LED Golf Cart Lighting - Your standard 3 inch LED pods that can blend with any golf cart. These powerful LED lights produce a night slicing 3,800 lumens.

Aurora golf cart 3 inch led lights

Aurora D3 Blasters Golf Cart LED Lighting - These are the newest style of LED cubs for golf carts. More compact than the traditional LED cubes for golf carts and they produce 3,400 lumens.

Best LED Lights For Golf Carts Part I - LED Pods

Aurora Wide Angle Golf Car LED Light Pods - These LED Pod Lights are perfect for anyone looking to have their golf cart equipped with a LED light pod that emits the widest beam on the market. These powerful LED lights produce a beam pattern that emits the lights at remarkable 120 degrees.

Aurora golf cart LED wide angle led lights


Join us for part II of this Golf Cart lighting feature where we discuss Golf Cart LED under body lighting.

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