Based in South Carolina, Sea Hunt is one of Americas best center Console manufactures. Build quality and reliability is what sets this family-owned boat manufacture apart from the rest. To get the most out of this center console, upgrading the stock lighting is necessary to make night-time fishing simpler and to make detecting buoys and other floating debris easier.

Sea Hunt Boat light Bar Features and Benefits

  • Powerful 25,680 Lumens  
  • Fully Adjustable Mounts
  • Combination Beam Pattern 
  • IP69 Ingress Rating
  • Deutsch Waterproof Connector  
  • Increases your ability to spot potential hazards  
  • Operating Voltage: 6-32V DC
  • Amp Draw of 11.6 Amps
  • Works on 12-Volt or 24-Volt System
  • Overall Height when Mounted is 4.2 Inches
  • Overall length when mounted 33.9 inches
  • Affordable!

Sea Hunt Boat Light Bar Beam Pattern

The Aurora 30 Inch marine curve light bar comes equipped with both flood and spot optics that creates the popular combination beam pattern. So when you hit the switch, you will unleash an ultra bright light that goes both far and wide


Sea Hunt Boat Light Bar Mounts

Included with these marine light bars are rubber mounting pads that go in between the boat light bar mounts and the mounting surface. These pads will help protect the mounting surface from any scratches or abrasions. 
These specialized light bar mounts will also allow you to rotate the marine light bar 360 degrees. 

What comes with the Aurora Sea Hunt Boat Light Bar

In your package will be:

  • One 30 Inch curved Boat Light Bar with Female Deutsch Connector
  • Two Boat Light bar Mounts

  • Two Rubber Gaskets - These are installed under the mounts to protect the mounting surface.
  • One Deluxe Wiring Harness - The Aurora wiring harness consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation.

Wiring the Sea Hunt Boat Light Bar

  • Using the included wiring harness
    • Connect the power and ground to the battery or your auxiliary fuse panel.
    • Run the boat light bar wiring harness from the battery to the future light bar mounting location in manner that does not cause a tripping hazard.

Sea Hunt Boat Light Bar Switch 

The boat light bar comes equipped with a CE complaint, waterproof switch that allows you to mount the switch in numerous places on your boat. You can also wire this boat light bar to one of your existing switches if you have an opening.

Final Marine Light Bar Installation steps

The final step in getting your Sea Hunt boat light bar installed is plugging in the connector from the boat wiring harness to the marine light bar.

Why do you need a Light Bar for your Sea Hunt Center Console

Getting out in the early morning can be unsafe when you have limited lighting on your boat. By installing this Aurora 30 Inch Marine light bar you will be able to effortlessly spot the channel makers. This light bar will also allow you to see into the open water which means you can finally ditch those head mounted flashlights.

Marine Light bar installed on Sea hunt


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