Can I use the Aurora Classic Black Series on my boat?

A common question we get from our customers is “Can I use the black coated light bars on my boat”? And the answer is yes, yes you can use the Classic Aurora Black Series on your boat. In this article we will explain the major differences between the Aurora Black Series and the Aurora Marine Series.

What’s so different?

The only difference between the Aurora Classic Black series and the Aurora Marine series is the exterior color. The lights are built the same, carry the same warranty and have the exact same specifications.

White Boat Light Bars

Aurora boat light bars are powder coated white since most boats are produced in a white color. The cost to manufacture a boat light bar in white does cost more than boat light bar in black which is why there is a price difference.

Boat Light Bar Buying Options

Offering boat light bars in multiple colors provides you with more options when outfitting your boat. If your boat is white, then you want to purchase one of the Aurora White marine series light bars.

The two most popular reasons for choosing the Aurora Classic black series for a boat is cost and beam pattern options.

  1. The Classic black series will have more beam pattern options than the Aurora Marine Series, however we can custom make any black series in a white housing.
  2. The manufacturing cost is less for the black series, so if you are on a budget, then you want to do the black series.

Color clash

The last thing we want to talk about is color clash. When it comes to outfitting your boat with a light bar the color of the light bar plays an important role with the overall look of your boat. When you look at your boat you want to see your boat with a light bar on it, you DO NOT want to see a light bar on a boat. Look at the picture below, do you see a light bar on a boat or a boat with a light bar?


If you saw a light bar on a boat then you are correct as the first thing you see is a light bar and then you see the boat. While a smaller light bar would have been more aesthetically pleasing, the customer elected to go with an Aurora 40 Inch Curved light bar on his boat because he needed a lot of light for his nighttime fishing excursions and did not care about appearance.

Which boat light bar do I need?

When it comes to picking a light bar color for your boat our general rule is that if you have a white boat you want to do the Aurora White Marine Series. If your boat is red, black, or grey then you want to purchase one of the Classic black series light bars.


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