Combination Light Bar Beam Pattern Explained

When it comes to beam patterns, the combination beam pattern is one of the most popular light bar beam patterns.This highly requested beam pattern contains both a spot and a flood beam pattern making it an incredibly versatile tool to have in your LED lighting arsenal.

Combination Light Bar Beam Pattern Explained

What is a Light Bar combination beam pattern?

A combination LED light bar functions by having different components assigned with flood and spotlight beam patterns. The light bar reflectors emit the light at 60 to 80 degrees which provides the driver with a long range spot pattern and a wide flood pattern.

Why do you need a Combination beam light bar ?

Combination Beam light bars are great for individuals who are indecisive about whether or not they want a Flood or a spot beam. These light bar beam patterns are also great for individuals who encounter various terrain types where just having a spot beam or a flood beam wouldn't suffice.

light bar combination beam pattern

Combination Light Bar Advantages & Disadvantage

Advantages: You get the spot and flood beam pattern which allows you to see far and wide.

Disadvantages: The only drawback to this led light bar pattern is that it will not be as focused as a spot beam pattern or as wide as a flood beam pattern.

Which light bars are offered in a combination beam pattern?

Most Light bars have a combination beam pattern option. Be sure to check out Aurora's combination beam light bars.

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