When it comes to truck, Jeep and 4x4 lighting, the choice between LED flush mount lights and pedestal mounts is crucial for functionality and aesthetics. LED flush mount lights are designed to fit seamlessly with the surface, providing a sleek, streamlined look that's perfect for modern trucks. They're often used in tighter spaces where a low profile is essential, and they can be less susceptible to damage since they don't protrude much from the surface.

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On the other hand, pedestal mounts elevate the light fixture above the mounting surface, which can be beneficial for visibility and light distribution, especially in overland trucks that require a broader illumination around the vehicle.

So, which is better? Continue reading to find out!

While flush mounts are more discreet, pedestal mounts offer a more traditional and rugged appearance, which might be preferred in Overland applications. Both options use LED technology, ensuring energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, but the choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the truck owner.


Here's a breakdown of the benefits of flush mount LED lights compared to pedestal lights on trucks:

Advantages of Flush Mount LED Lights:

  • Aerodynamics: Flush mounts minimize wind resistance due to their low profile, which can slightly improve gas mileage. This is because pedestal lights stick out from the truck body and can catch wind.
  • Durability: They are less likely to get damaged by impacts or snagged on branches or other objects because they are recessed into the truck body.
  • Aesthetics: Many truck owners prefer the clean look of flush mounts since they conform to the body lines of the truck.
  • Security: Since they are mounted lower, they are less susceptible to vandalism or theft.

Disadvantages of Flush Mount LED Lights:

  • Installation: Installing flush mounts typically requires cutting holes into the truck's body for proper installation. This can be difficult for some and may void warranties on newer vehicles. Pedestal lights on the other hand, can be bolted onto existing locations on the truck body.
  • Visibility: Depending on the placement, flush mounts might not be as visible from certain angles compared to pedestal lights.
jeep wrangler LED ditch light

Advantages of Pedestal LED Lights:

  • Easier Installation: They are generally easier to install as they can be bolted onto existing locations on the truck body. No need to cut holes.
  • Visibility: Because they stick out further from the truck body, they might be more visible from certain angles compared to flush mounts. This can be a safety benefit.

Disadvantages of Pedestal LED Lights:

  • Aerodynamics: They can create drag due to their higher profile, which can slightly reduce gas mileage.
  • Durability: They are more prone to getting damaged by impacts or snagged on branches or other objects because they protrude from the truck body.
  • Aesthetics: Some truck owners dislike the look of pedestal lights as they can disrupt the clean lines of the truck.
overland led light beam patterns

Off-road Flush Mount Light Beam Patterns:

Off Road Pedestal Mount Light Beam Patterns:

Ultimately, the best choice between flush mount and pedestal LED lights depends on your priorities. If you prioritize aesthetics, durability, and aerodynamics, then flush mounts might be the better option. If you prioritize ease of installation and visibility, then pedestal lights might be a better choice.



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