How to Install LED Headlights in 6 Easy Steps

Installing your new Aurora LED headlights can seem like a difficult task but it is actually incredibly easy. Installing Aurora LED headlights can be completed in 6 easy steps for most vehicles.

Aurora LED Headlights installation

1st Step in installing LED Headlights

Remove the dust cover from your headlight

2nd Step in Step in installing LED Headlights

Remove your factory head light bulbs

3rd Step in installing LED Headlights

Install LED headlight bulb

4th Step in installing LED Headlights

Put copper claws into headlight housing

5th Step in installing LED Headlights

Insert Driver into vehicles headlight

6th Step in installing LED Headlights

Re-install your vehicles dust cover and enjoy the brightness of your new LED headlights.

Aurora LED lights

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aurora led headlights

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