How to Wire a LED Light Bar Harness in 5 Easy Steps

Wiring a LED light bar wiring harness is a simple task that can be completed in under an hour with basic tools. 

Wiring a Light Bar Pre-Planning

The first step in any project is understanding what needs to be done to complete the project. This includes:

  • Tools needed to install the light bar
  • Extra wiring to install the light bar
  • Light bar mounting location
  • A light bar

Mounting the LED Light Bar

You should mount the light bar in a location where you will be maximizing its lighting capabilities.

Running the LED Light Bar wires

When running LED light bar wires you should always complete a "Dry Run" or "Dry Install", meaning that you should stretch out all the LED light bar wires to mimic the official light bar wiring layout. Check out the helpful light bar wiring tips below:

  • LED Light Bar wire looms - Take extra care to protect the LED light bar wires to make sure they are protected from the elements and rubbing on the chassis. 
  • LED Light Bar zip ties - Securing the wires to your vehicle is essential to a problem free LED light bar.
  • LED Light Bar Wire Gauge - Choosing the correct LED light bar gauge is crucial to ensuring that you have enough power going to the LED light bar to maximize its full potential.
  • LED Light Bar future installs - Since most people aren't psychic it's good to think about the future and any potential upgrades you may have in the future. This can be the addition of more lights or other aftermarket parts.

Connect the LED Light Bar to a power source

Now that the LED light bar wires are run correctly you want to connect the light bar harness to a power source. There are typically three power sources that a LED light bar wiring harness can tap into:

  • Vehicles Battery
  • Auxiliary fuse box
  • Switch Panel - This includes aftermarket switch panels for cars and trucks and also includes factory switch panels on boats.

Plug in the LED light bar 

With the LED light bar connected to a power source, plug the LED light bar into the wiring harness connectors. Since this is the final LED light bar installation step you should address any loose or hanging LED light bar wires.

Hit the switch on the LED light bar

Hop in the front seat and hit the switch to power on the light bar.

LED light bar Installation Wrap up

With the LED light bar fully functional you should take the extra step to double check your installation. This includes verifying all the LED light bar connections are firmly connected and that all the LED light bar wiring is secured to the vehicle.

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