According to Kawasaki, the Kawasaki Teryx is a Side by Side that is "built to dominate" and take on every type of terrain on this planet. Another reason why the Kawasaki Teryx is popular is due to its unique styling and by adding set of inexpensive LED rock lights, you can take the looks of your UTV to a whole new level.

Why add rock lights to your Kawasaki UTV ?

  • Will adding Rock lights to your UTV make it go faster? Nope!
  • Will adding Rock lights to your UTV make it easier to tackle difficult terrain? Possibly
  • Will adding Rock lights to your UTV make your Side by Side look cool? YUP!

Adding LED rock lights to your Kawasaki Teryx will definitely add some curb appeal to your UTV and below is an example.


Brightest Rock lights for UTV

The brightest rock lights you can get for your SXS or UTV are going to be the white beam rock lights. The white beam LED rock lights are great for adding lights to help increase visibility at night.


The Aurora white beam UTV rock light emits light at 120 degrees and pumps out over 1,400 lumens. These UTV rock lights feature super-efficient OSRAM LED chips which has a low amp draw of 0.5 amps.

Waterproof Kawasaki UTV Rock Lights

The Aurora UTV LED rock lights have an IP68 rating making it waterproof so you can mount these rock lights wherever you see fit. We even use them on boats.


Mounting UTV Rock Lights

You can mount the rock lights almost anywhere you want on your UTV. You must be mindful of any moving components, so the rock light wires do not get tangled and so the UTV rock lights don’t get crushed.

Every UTV rock light product comes with a rubber mounting pad and all necessary hardware needed to bolt this LED rock light to your side by side.

Common UTV LED Rock Light Mounting Spots


Mount LED rock lights in your UTV's Wheel wells to show off your suspension.

Add some style by mounting UTV LED rock lights in the front grille or in the rear deck.

Another favorite UTV LED light upgrade is replacing the interior light in the cab with one of these LED rock lights. 

Best UTV Rock Lights

We have a large selection of Kawasaki UTV LED rock lights in various colors and in various packages.

Single Kawaski Rock Lights 


The single LED rock lights are sold in singles and are great for

  • Upgrading your factory interior light
  • complimenting an existing kit
  • illuminating a single area of your UTV

4 pack Kawasaki Rock Lights


The 4-PACK LED rock lights are sold in quantities of four and are great for

  • Riders looking to just illuminate the wheel of their UTV
  • Quick and inexpensive way to get rock lights on your UTV

Kawasaki Bluetooth 6 & 8 Piece LED Rock Light kits


The rock lights kits are sold in quantities of 6 or 8 and are great for:

  • Maximum show stopping effect
  • Bluetooth capabilities - Easily pair with your phone 
  • Have the rock lights strobe to your favorite song as you blaze down the trail

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Kawasaki Single LED Rock Light

Kawasaki 4-pak LED Rock Light

Kawasaki Multi Color Bluetooth LED Rock Light Kit (6 or 8 Piece)

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