We get plenty of customers who come to us asking what is the best overlanding LED camp light they can get for their rig. And their first instinct to talk about putting a very large light on the side of their vehicle and we talk them into either a 4-inch Wide Angle light or a 2-inch Wide Angle light depending on their needs.

In this article we will be looking at the Aurora 2-inch-wide angle Scene beam light. This light is great for helping you set-up camp at night and perfect for adding light to your campsite so you are not sitting in the dark.

Best Overlanding Camping Light

This compact, yet powerful LED light cube is only 2 inches long but it still manages to pump out 900 lumens and is equipped with a wide angle scene beam.

What is the Wide Angle Scene Beam pattern?

A Scene beam pattern is an exclusive & unique pattern that emits light in a short but wide beam pattern at 120°.

Aurora wide angle led light bar scene beam

Overlanding Camping Light Specifications

Aurora 2 inch wide angle scene beam led camping light

The IP69 housing guarantees the product is 100% sealed to foreign contaminants. Fueling these powerful LED lights are two, 10 watt Cree LED's that are equipped with a wide angle scene beam pattern that emits the lights at remarkable 120°.

Aurora 2 Inch Wide Angle Scene LED Light Pod

What comes with the Overlanding Camping light

  • 1 Aurora Scene Beam LED Light Pod with Female Deutsch Connector

  • 1 Mount with Hardware

  • 1 Male Deutsch Connector 

How to wire overlanding camp lights

There are multiple ways you can wire this overlanding LED camp light. If you already have a switch set-up this product will allow you to easily integrate it into your current overlanding set-up. Because this product comes with the mating Deutsch connector all you have to do is run your own wiring to the mating connector, plug in and go.


If you don’t have a set-up, you can purchase an Aurora’s wiring harness to complete your overlanding set-up.

If you want to ONE LED light, then you will need the single Pod wiring harness.

Aurora single pod led harness

If you want to TWO LED lights, then you will need the Dual Pod wiring harness.

Aurora pair of pods led wiring harness

If you want to operate more than two lights off of one switch, then you will need to get one of the Aurora Splitters to complete your Overlanding set-up.

Aurora 2-way splitter

Aurora 2 way splitter

Aurora 4-way splitter

Aurora 4 way splitter

Why buy this overlanding camp light?

This is one of the best overlanding camp lights for the following reasons, affordability, brightness, and durability.

Affordable LED Overlanding Light - For price of what you get there is no argument on the fact that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Low investment cost + high lumen output = A great Buy! 

Brightest LED Overlanding Light - While it's only 2 inches in length, it still manages to produce an amazing 900 lumens. So, if you arrive to camp in the dark this light will allow you to safely set up camp without tripping over any hazards.

The other benefit of this light is it makes a great campsite light. This means you can easily move between the campfire and your rig effortlessly. If you like to cook at night, then this light will also come in handy. You have probably scene the countless YouTube videos showing camp cooking at night and the person almost always has a head mounted flashlight, with this light, you can ditch the head mounted flashlight.

Durable LED Overlanding Camp Light - Backed by a limited lifetime warranty you can explore the backcountry easily knowing this light will turn on every time you hit the switch. There's nothing worse than having a bad day, arriving to camp at night and realizing your camp light doesn’t work…as someone who has experienced this first hand, I can tell you it sucks. 

LED Overlanding Camping light installed


Get this overlanding 2 Inch Camp light today!

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