Polaris has been elevating adventure for the last decade with one of its most popular UTV’s, the General XP 1000. These machines are prepared for anything, from towing to trail riding, the Polaris General wont disappoint. Known for its extended travel suspension, this SXS will take you anywhere you want to go leading to some pretty epic adventures.

One of our customers has a Polaris General that he regular rides out in Southwestern United States. He also runs later into the evening so he needed a good set of Polaris LED lights for forward facing lighting.

Best Polaris Light Pods

The customer wanted lights that would go far and wide so he went with a pair of Aurora 3 Inch Side shooters LED pods. The Aurora Side Shooter SXS lights feature a uniquely molded design that stands out from the rest.


The Aurora Side Shooters kit come equipped with four powerful, 5-watt Osram LED's that are forward facing and an additional two, Osram LEDS on each side of the LED light cube. When you hit the switch these lights will emit a bright LED light at remarkable 180 degrees.

This top selling Polaris light kit is equipped with anti-glare properties and is available in two beam patterns:

FloodEmits the LED light at 60 degrees which discharges a very wide beam.

Aurora 3 Inch LED Light Cube Kit - Side Shooter Edition - 3,808 Lumens

SpotEmits the LED light at 10 degrees which discharges a very narrow beam.

Aurora 3 Inch LED Light Cube Kit - Side Shooter Edition - 3,808 Lumens

Benefits and features of the Polaris Light Pod

Polaris side shooter led light pods
  • Powerful OSRAM LED Chips
  • Durable 6063 Aluminum housing
  • Includes Stainless Steel Anti-theft hardware
  • Ultra Bright 3,800 lumens
  • Includes Full Wiring harness to make installation easier
  • Rugged UV Resistant GE Lexan Lens
  • Equipped with Aurora's Patented Military breather to prevent moisture build up.
  • Waterproof Deutsch connector grants you a solid connection every time

Polaris LED Light pod Specifications


  • Lumens: 3,808 Combined (1,904 per light)
  • Beam Type: Flood or Spot ( Use Drop down to select)
  • Number of LED's: 8
  • Amp Draw: 2.2 (Per light)
  • Overall height when mounted: 3.9"
  • ingress Rating:  IP69

What comes with the Polaris Side Shooter LED Light Kit


  • Two Side Shooter LED Pod Lights with Female Deutsch Connector
  • Two Mounts
  • One Deluxe Wiring Harness - The Aurora wiring harness consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation.

Polaris LED Side Shooter Lights Installed


Polaris Factory Headlights only  


Polaris Factory Headlights with Aurora Side Shooters


Wide Beam Polaris LED Lighting 

The customer was beyond happy with the range of these Polaris LED lights but he wanted something that could spread the light a little bit wider as he wanted more visibility when turning on dark trails at night.

To add more light he went with a two Aurora 2 inch wide angle scene beam light pods.


This compact, yet powerful LED light cube is only 2 inches but it still manages to pump out 900 lumens and is equipped with a wide angle scene beam.

A Scene beam pattern is an exclusive & unique pattern that emits light in a short but wide beam pattern at 120°.

Benefits and features of the Polaris Wide Angle Light

  • Stainless steel Screws- Four screws to ensure an impenetrable seal.
  • Oversized Heat Sinks: The IP69 rated housing is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum with oversized heat sinks to increase heat dissipation.
  • Military Breather: Prevents unwanted moisture from building up in the light bar.
  • Deutsch Waterproof Connector: World renowned waterproof connectors keep your investment safe from water intrusion.


  • Beam Distance: 245 Feet
  • Lumens: 900 lumens
  • Amp Draw: 0.9 Amps
  • Beam Pattern: Wide Angle Scene beam pattern
  • Number of LED's: 2
  • LED Type: Cree XTE 5 Watt

What comes with the Polaris Side Shooter LED Light Kit

  • One Aurora Scene Beam LED Light Pod with Female Deutsch Connector
  • One Stainless Steel Mount
  • One Male Deutsch Connector

Wide Angle Lights in installed on Polaris General


Polaris LED Lights Side Shooter lights on


Side shooter lights on plus w/ 2 Inch wide Angle Lights on


While the pictures aren't exact, if you look at the landscape lighting you can easily see how much more light is produce by adding the 2 inch wide angle lights.

Brightest LED Polaris Lights Installed


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