Navigating your overlanding rig can be easy but navigating your overlanding rig at night can be difficult in low light situations. Whether you’re overlanding for months at a time or you are a weekend overlander, visibility is crucial when navigating the unknown. 

Buy Off Road Light bars to Enhance Visibility

Adding auxiliary off road light bars to your rig will not only increase your visibility but it will also increase your safety. Washed out roads, objects in the road, and wildlife are all potential hazards that can be hard to locate without an off road light bar.


For example, one of the brightest off road light bars we offer is the Aurora 50 inch light bar. This off road light bar is the brightest light bar we have as it produces over 42,000 lumens. You can see in the picture below how bright this  off road light bar is as it has the ability to light up an entire abandoned airfield


Popular Off road light bar sizes

10 inch off road light bars

20 inch off road light bars

30 inch off road light bars

40 inch off road light bars

50 inch off road light bars

Customizable Off Road Light Bars

As Aurora LED’s largest US distributor of Off road light bars, we offer a very large selection of LED light bars. Some of our popular off road lights are:

Round Off Road LED Lights

Rectangle Shaped LED Light bars

Square Shaped Off Road LED lights

Amber Off Road LED Lights

Curved Shaped Off Road Light Bars

Appearance Enhancement

The addition of an off road light bar can enhance the look of your vehicle but selecting the wrong light bar can have damaging effects. To make selecting the best light bar easier we separated the two main types of consumers which are “Show n Shine” and “Mud n Overland”.

Best Show truck light bars

If you are building your rig to collect trophies then you want the biggest, brightest, and flashiest light bars on the market. Aurora offers a good selection of show truck light bars.

The best light bar for a truck that is sure to turn heads at a Car show is the Aurora Evolve.

Aurora evolve multi color light bar

Enter the next step of LED light bar evolution with Aurora’s new multi-function LED light bar, the EVOLVE. The EVOLVE is one of the latest products to be engineered and manufactured by Aurora. This product features powerful 10 watt OSRAM LED chips which allows the light beam to project further than the competitors.

Check out the full line of Aurora Evolves

LED Off Road Rock Lights 


The next LED light every show truck needs is a bright set of LED rock lights.

These Universal Rock Lights are perfect for any car, truck or boat and they are available in white, red, blue, green and amber. All rock lights feature a unique 120° beam using only 9 watts which make them great for extra exterior or interior lights.

Rock Lights can be purchased in singles, 4 packs or you can buy the complete RGB Kit with Bluetooth technology for complete control of your rock lights.

Full Line up of LED Off Road Lights 

Rock light 4 Pack

Bluetooth LED Rock Light Kits

Best OVERLAND light bars


When it comes to outfling your overland vehicle with a light bar it will be almost the opposite of the “Show trucks”. When you're adding a light bar to an overland rig you are looking for functionality and then appearance. These are the most popular overland light bars on the market.

Dual Row Off Road Light Bars

Single Row Off Road Light Bars

Amber Off Road Light Bars

Off Road LED Pods


Still have questions about why you should buy an Off Road LED light bar for your Overland vehicle? Or why you should buy an off road led light bar for your show truck?

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