If you have ever experienced radio interference from your LED light bar, you might be wondering why this happens and how to fix it. In this blog post, we will explain the causes and solutions of this common problem.

Radio interference occurs when the electrical signals from your LED light bar interfere with the radio waves that your radio receives. This can result in static noise, poor reception, or loss of signal. The interference can affect AM, FM, or CB radios, depending on the frequency and strength of the signals.

There are two main sources of radio interference from LED light bars: the wiring and the driver circuit. The wiring acts as an antenna that picks up and radiates electromagnetic waves. The driver circuit is the electronic component that regulates the current and voltage to the LEDs. It can generate high-frequency noise that can also interfere with the radio waves.

To reduce or eliminate radio interference from your LED light bar, you can try the following solutions:

  • Use a good quality wiring harness that has adequate shielding and grounding. Shielding prevents the wires from picking up unwanted signals, while grounding drains them to the chassis. You can also use ferrite beads or chokes on the wires to filter out high-frequency noise.
  • Use a good quality LED light bar that has a built-in driver circuit with proper filtering and suppression. Cheap or poorly designed LED light bars that are commonly found on Amazon and Ebay may not have adequate noise reduction features, which can cause more interference. You can also look for LED light bars that have CE or FCC certification, which means they meet certain standards for electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Adjust the position or orientation of your LED light bar or your radio antenna. Sometimes, moving them slightly can reduce the interference by changing the angle or distance between them. You can also try using a different radio channel or frequency that is less affected by the interference.
  • Install a radio noise suppressor on your radio. This is a device that filters out unwanted signals from the power supply or the speaker wires of your radio. You can find them online or at some auto parts stores.

Radio interference from Aurora LED light bars does not happen and only happens with lower end light bars. The best solution is to replace your cheap light bar with a quality Aurora light bar. Aurora light bars also work well with GPS's and other marine electronics. 

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