2019 Yanmar SA426 Light Bar Installation

Being the owner of a large plot of property can have tremendous benefits including privacy, large open spaces and much more. The disadvantage to large property ownership is the property maintenance and even worse, trying to complete task in the dark. Like many Americans, Allen in Virginia works a 9 to 5 Job, which means any property maintenance that needs to get completed, happens on the weekends or after nightfall. With Allen owning a heavily wooded property, he wanted to make sure that any night time maintenance can be safely completed while operating his 2019 Yanmar SA426.

What Light Bar is best for a Tractor?

Based off Allen's needs we were able to recommend two Aurora 10 Inch Slim NSSR Series tractor light bar

Aurora Tractor light bar 10 inch light bar nssr series

The Aurora 10 Inch NSSR Series light bar is one of Aurora's newest, patented light bars that features a three piece design. The typical tractor light bar contains seven major components but the engineers at Aurora were able to design this light bar to be comprised of only 3 major components.

Aurora tractor light bar

With this revolutionary light bar design they were able to reduce the the overall size and weight of the light bar by 30%. This tractor light bar also features ten Osram LED's that produce a remarkable 6,080 lumens in a combination light beam pattern.

Tractor Light Bar Mounts

The 2" x 2" inch aluminum tractor light bar mounting brackets were purchased from Tractor Bracket. These patent pending tractor light bar mounts are made from machined aluminum and then powdered coated black. They are sold individually but they include the mounting hardware.


The tractor light bar brackets were a perfect fit for the Aurora Tractor Light bar and the brackets complemented the Aurora bar light perfectly.

Tractor Light Bar Installation 

The tractor light bar installation was done without drilling any holes in the ROPS since the light bar mounts feature a no drill design.


Tractor Light Bar Switch

The 2019 Yanmar SA426 has a plug behind the seat and that is where the lights power connections come from.

tractor light bar switch

What does Allen say about his new tractor light bar set-up?

"Since my property is heavily wooded, I wanted lights that are rugged and streamlined to avoid snagging branches.The lights are well made and very compact. I used a pair of the Aurora 10 inch, slim NSSR series S5-10 LED light bars. This gives the best front and back illumination."


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