Driving Beam Light Bar Pattern Explained

While the Driving Beam is only available in a limited range of light bars it is still not a product to be overlooked during your light bar purchase mission. The Driving beam produces a light spread of 60 degrees and is noticeable by its sharp diamond shaped light pattern.  

light bar driving beam

Biggest difference between this light pattern and a flood beam pattern is that the driving beam has very defined edges.

aurora driving beam light bar

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of the Light bar Driving Beam Pattern?

  • Advantages: Its unique beam pattern spread makes for a wide beam that is perfect for the following applications
    • Motorcycle LED Lighting 
    • ATV LED Lighting
    • Agricultural LED Lighting
  • Disadvantages: Has a single purpose use, so this light bar can only be used as forward facing lighting. While the beam maybe wide it is limited by distance.

Where can a light bar with a driving beam pattern be mounted?

Because of the driving beams unique beam pattern it can only be used as forward facing lighting. 


Who needs a light bar with a driving beam pattern?

The light bar is great for motorcycles, ATV's and side by sides. Since the beam pattern is wide it allows for a very versatile light to have on while cruising the back roads at night.

What light bars are offered in a Driving beam pattern?

Aurora 6 Inch Single Row Light Bar 

Aurora 6 inch light bar with driving beam

Aurora 10 Inch Single Row Light 

Aurora Driving beam light bar


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