Aurora Green LED Fishing Lights - The Best LED Lights for night fishing!

The Aurora Green led light produces 498 lumens which is perfect for nighttime fishing since the green light is perfect for attracting bugs which in turn attracts the fish. 

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Fueling these Green LED Fishing lights is three, Cree XBD 3 Watt LED's only requiring 9 watts. Because Cree makes the most efficient LEDS, these lights are great for large boats but are also a great addition to small boats since the amp draw is only 0.4 amps.

aurora green LED fishing light

Aurora Green LED Fishing Lights - The Best LED Lights for night fishing!Installation of these lights are simple as the mounting hardware and a mounting pad is provided. These green fishing lights are better than the competition because they do not use 3M tape, these lights come with dedicated mounting pads so mount these Green LED fishing lights anywhere you see fit.






The installation of the green LED rock lights should take approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on the quantity you have to install. The tools needed are heat shrink tubing, wire strippers, butt connectors, wire crimpers, and additional wire as needed.

Now that you are all set on purchasing the best Green LED fishing lights for your boat you should also consider adding a set of Aurora LED Wide Angle Scene lights for the back of your tow vehicle. These wide-angle Scene LED lights produce a white beam at an industry best 120° which will allow you to safely load and unload your watercraft.

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Our most popular selling kit is the Aurora 4 Inch work lights equipped with a wide angle scene beam.

Aurora Scene Lights

If you need something a little smaller then check out the 2 inch version of this light

Aurora led wide angle lights

Get your Green LED fishing light today and take advantage of our free shipping option. If you are looking for another color than check out the FULL RANGE of LED lights.

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