ROPS LED Lighting

Robert was looking for a cost-effective way to add some ROPS lighting (Roll Over Protection Structure Lighting) to his Kioti Tractor equipped with a snow thrower. Like most people, Robert has a full-time job which means that his driveway doesn’t get cleared until nightfall. Searching for lights became a cumbersome task after combing through thousands of light bars and he was left with two options;

  1. Option 1 purchase cheap LED light cubes that wouldn't last
  2. Option 2 purchase a LED product that last forever but would cost him a small fortunate.

While he was close to option 2, he stumbled upon Off Brand's website which features Aurora LED lighting.

With Aurora, Robert was able to find an affordable solution that would solve his problem without breaking the bank. Based off his needs Off Brand was able to recommend two pairs of Aurora’s LED Wide Angle Scene lighting cube kit. These wide-angle Scene beam lights matched Roberts requirements because he needed a lot of light that was both forward facing and rear facing.

Aurora Scene beam lighting

Traditionally, people go with floods but because the flood beam shines the light so far down the road it wouldn’t help Robert with his needs because he needed a large amount of light in his immediate work area. So Robert went ahead and placed an order with Off Brand since all orders ship out the same day and everything ships for free.

Two days later the products were in his hands and he started the process of custom fabricating LED light brackets that can be mounted on his ROPS. Once that was complete it was time to run the wiring which became a problem due to the wiring not being long enough. Robert then acquired 8 gauge wiring to match Aurora’s light bar wires and after extending them, he wrapped them all in wire loom to prevent intrusion from outside elements.

ROPS Lighting Wiring

Robert opted for the Aurora waterproof switch option since he knew the switch would be exposed to the elements which was mounted in a convenient location to make operating them simple and within arm’s reach while in the driver’s seat.

And of course, there was no easy way to mount the switch, so Robert had to put his fabricating skills to work again to FAB up a new mount for his switches.

ROPS led light switch

With that step accomplished he was able to finally enjoy his new Aurora lighting.

Aurora ROPS LED lighting

Aurora ROPS LED lighting

Aurora ROPS LED lighting

Aurora ROPS LED lighting

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