Aurora R-Series - THE Round LED lights

The Aurora R-Series LED lights is a unique collection of round LED lights. These LED lights boast an elegant curvature that meets the needs of all off-road enthusiast. The Aurora R-Series LED lights are offered in four distinct sizes that are perfect for any vehicle.

To aid you in your round LED light search the Aurora R-Series lights are conveniently named for you to understand the overall dimensions of the round LED light.

Below is the Aurora Series 2-3 Series round LED Light

  • The 2 represents the size of the round LED light lens
  • The 3 represents the overall height of the round LED light

aurora r-series 2-3 led light

First up is the R-Series family is Aurora R-series 2-3 LED light. This round LED light is dubbed the “Laser” because it is equipped with a 2-inch lens, stands at 3-inches tall and pumps out 900 lumens in spot beam pattern. These lights have a multitude of uses but they can be perfect for adding extra fog lights to your vehicle or for adding a high and low LED beam set-up to your ATV or dirt bike.


Aurora r-series 5-8 round led light


Next up is the Aurora R-Series 5-8 LED Light that produces an amazing 11,382 lumens. These round LED lights feature a 21 LEDS tucked behind a 5-inch lens and is equipped with combination beam pattern. Don’t be fooled by the lens size as these round LED lights stand at almost 8-inches tall when mounted making them the perfect addition to the front of any off-road vehicle.


Aurora r-series quad 6-6 led light

No family can be complete without having a black sheep in the family and that is the Aurora R-Series Quad 6-6. The Quad 6-6 isn’t a round LED light, it is an elongated octagon LED light. These LED lights are distinctively shaped to stand out from the crowd and add that extra “WOW” factor to your vehicle. These LED lights feature a 6-inch lens that conceals 20 LEDS equipped with a combination beam that produce over 11,000 lumens. When mounted these LED lights stand at 6-inches tall and are 7.3 inches wide.


Aurora r-series -7 inch round led lights 7-9

Last up is the Aurora R-Series 7-9. These round LED lights boast a 7-inch lens containing 32 LED's per light and stand at an astonishing 9 inches tall. These round LED lights are equipped with a combination beam and delivers a dark destroying 17,000 lumens that will turn nighttime to daytime with the push of a button. To complete this product Aurora has integrated driving lights into this round LED light which is sure to turn heads as your cruising down the street.

Did you decide which R-Series is right for you? Is it the 2 inch lasers, the round 5 Inch lights, quads or the 7-inch lights?

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