Fast N Free LED Light Bar Shipping

One of the reasons why we are the best place to purchase LED light bars from is due to our fast and free shipping. Most of our positive reviews contain comments regarding how fast the LED light bar reached them. OBP's fast and free shipping service is a tactic we pride ourselves on. We understand that consumers have dozens of ways to purchase a new light bar for their truck or ATV so we strive to accommodate everyone’s needs by offering the fastest light bar delivery possible.

How We do it

Our secret to successfully shipping lights bars faster than anyone else is due to the following factors:

  • We intermittently shop around for the fastest and the best shipping rates to get the light bar to you as fast as possible.
  • We keep the light bar box sizes as small as possible which helps keep the cost down. For the LED pod lights we use a smaller more compact box that allows to put both led pod lights and a full LED wiring harness in one small box.
  • Our last secret into fast shipping is our order picking times. Most entities that ship LED light bars pick their orders once a day which is why they can’t commit to same day shipping. At OBP we pick orders twice a day which allows us the ability to get your LED light bar out to you as quick as possible.
  • OBP's US domestic shipping cut off time is 4PM EST so if your order is placed before then it will ship out the same day.

Free Shipping

We offer fast and free shipping on all our LED light bars, LED pod light and all Aurora LED products. Our superior partnership with our shipping partners allows us to offer free shipping to you that arrives in one to three business days.

International Shipping

We also ship our LED light bars worldwide from Saudi Arabia to Slovenia. We have partnered with UPS, USPS and DHL to offer you a large range of fast shipping options that are affordable.


Our light bars ship the fastest due to our unique and successful order picking method. Our shipping partners allow us to offer the fastest shipping available so you can get your light bar on your vehicle as quick as possible. We also offer affordable worldwide international shipping to those individuals who live outside the United states.

If you still have questions, then feel free to reach out to us using one the following methods: