Aurora S5 NSSR Series Light Bar - Slim, Powerful and Affordable

With the increase in demand of customer wanting hidden light bars, Aurora teamed up with American engineers to introduce a new light bar to the market, The Aurora S5 NSSR Series.

The result was a patented pending, super slim single row light bar that features no screws on the front face of the light bar.

Aurora S5 NSSR Series light bar

Ultra Slim Design

The Aurora NSSR Series light bar has an ultra small foot print of only 1.8 inches wide compared to other light bars that are averaging a width of 3.29 inches. This increases the different locations on your vehicle where a traditional single row light bar wouldn't fit.

Aurora S5 NSSR Series Light Bar Slim, Powerful and Affordable

aurora nssr series s5 light bars

Redesigned light bar housing

Most light bars on the market are comprised of 7 major components, the new NSSR Series are comprised of only 3 major components


Improved Cooling system

Part of the light bar's redesign involved a new style of heat sink to increase the lights bars ability to cool itself during prolonged use.

aurora nssr series light bar cooling

When light bars are installed in the front of a vehicle, while in motion the air flow in the front is cooler than in the rear of the light bar. This creates a problem as the rear of the light bar will never see the cooler air because the front of the light bar is essentially stealing the cool air from reaching the rear of the light bar. Aurora's new design solves this problem

Improved Sealing  

Most light bars have a gap in between the bezel and the housing and because the NSSR series utilizes Aurora's 3 piece design it has no gap between the housing and the bezel. This waterproof housing structure design is what gives the Aurora NSSR series light bar its IP69 Ingress rating.

Highly Efficient

To maximize power and light the new NSSR series are built with top notch OSRAM LED chips to produce a powerful and precise combination beam pattern. These off road light bars also contain a one piece optical reflector which creates a higher light efficiency when compared to other light bars that feature multi piece reflectors.

aurora s5 nssr series light bar

Deutsch Water Proof Connector

Like all Aurora light bars, the NSSR series features the world renowned Deutsch waterproof connectors giving you peace if mind when your running your rig through deep mud holes.

Military Breather

This special breather apparatus is designed to prevent condensation or water intrusion by regulating the air temperature inside of the light bar.

Anti-Theft Screws

With thieves becoming more ambitious these days Aurora opted to include Anti-theft screws with all NSSR series light bars. Aurora knows you spent your hard earned money of their product and they got your back.  


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