Best Yamaha Viking Light Bar

This affordable UTV is popular among ranchers which is why proper nighttime lighting is crucial for maximizing the potential of your Yamaha Viking with Aurora Off road lighting.

Jeep Cherokee JCR Bumper Off Road Lights

Buying Guide
If you have a JCR bumper on your Jeep Cherokee then you should add these Aurora LED lights to complete your build.

Honda African Twin Light bar Upgrade

Adventure Bike
Easily add affordable and bright LED lighting to your Adventure bike so you can safely navigate the dark trails.

Toyota Tacoma Grille Light Bars

One of our customers wanted to add light bars to the front of his Toyota Tacoma but he didn’t want to alter the look of the front end so he decided to go with hidden Toyota off road light bars.

New Aurora Single Row 20 Inch boat Light Bar

Boat LED Lights

Created based off user feedback, is the all-new Aurora 20” Marine NSSR series light bar.


Best Single Row Amber Light Bar

An industry first, an all-amber single row light bar that is equipped with a GE Lexan Amber lens. By adding this single row light bar to your rig you will finally able to navigate those dark trails during heavy fog and snow conditions.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prinsu Roof Rack Light bar

Looking for an affordable light bar for your Toyota Land Cruisers new Prinsu roof rack? Then read this quick article and found out how the Aurora 40" NSSR series can easily integrate into your Toyota's lighting set-up.

Best GMC Grill Mounted Light Bar

Buying Guide

Being the first person on the job site in the early morning hours used to be a problem for our customer Gene, since the unpaved roads are poorly lit. So he came to us with his problem and he left with an affordable solution.


Toyota Tundra Off Road Lights - ADD's Stealth Fighter Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs
Looking for off road lights for your Toyota Tundra's aftermarket bumper? Then read this quick article to see how we helped our customer get affordable and bright LED off road lights for his Addictive Desert Designs Stealth fighter bumper.
Aurora S5 NSSR Series Light Bar - Slim, Powerful and Affordable

Aurora S5 NSSR Series Light Bar - Slim, Powerful and Affordable

Buying Guide
With the increase in demand of customer wanting hidden light bars Aurora teamed up with some American engineers to introduce a new light bar to the market, the NSSR Series light Bar,