Best Arctic Cat M8000 Sno Pro Limited LED Lighting Set-up

Our latest customer install review is for our customer Trevor in Alaska who owns a 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 Sno Pro Limited.

Trevor engages in a lot of night time riding in his Arctic Cat M8000 so adequate lighting becomes a huge safety factor. So Trevor opted to go with two Arctic Cat 6 inch light bars, one light bar would be mounted on the front of his Arctic Cat M8000 and the other would be mounted on the Artic Cat's M8000 handle bars.

Arctic Cat M8000 Handle Bar Mounted Light Bar

Aurora Handle Bar Mounted Light bar

While there were a lot of options for a 6 Inch handle bar mounted light bar, Trevor went with the new Aurora 6 Inch NSSR series light bar. This light bar features a combination beam pattern that emits 3,648 lumens. This new style light was designed by Aurora to be 30% lighter than traditional 6 inch light bars on the market making it a perfect addition to the handle bars on his Arctic Cat M8000.

By adding this six light bar to your Arctic Cat's handle bars it allows you to throw the light in the direction you are steering.

arctic cat 6 inch light bar-handle-bar-mounted-aurora

Arctic Cat M8000 Hood mounted Light Bar

The light bar for the front of the Arctic Cat M8000 was going to be mounted on the hood and this would allow the light to be thrown directly in front of him regardless of the direction the handle bars are pointing.

Trevor went with the 6 Inch Dual row light bar in white. While this light bar is available in black he wanted to do something a little different. This light produces 5,136 lumens and comes equipped with a combination beam pattern.

arctic cat 6 inch light bar-dual row aurora

Arctic Cat M8000 LED Light Bar Compared to Stock Halogen

In the first picture below you can see how the LED beam from Arctic Cat's M8000 light bar drowns out the halogen light coming from the snowmobile next to it. In this picture it is helpful to know that the White 6 inch light bar is mounted on the handle bars.

Arctic Cat LED light bar comparison to halogen

In this picture, the sun has gone down and you see how much more light is produced by the Arctic Cat's lights bars when compared to the stock halogen lights on the Honda ATV next to it.

arctic cat light bar comparison

Arctic Cat M8000 Light Bar Wiring Options

So what do you do if your Arctic Cat M8000 Snowmobile doesn't have a battery, can you still hook up a light bar? The answer is yes!

There are two methods you can use to get power to your light bar if your snowmobile does not have a battery. 

Option 1: If your snow machine is equipped with with a 12 volt outlet you can tap into the power and ground wires to power your light bar.

Option 2: Purchase Aurora's 12-Volt plug to Deutsch Connector adapter. With this adapter you simply connect the Deutsch connectors to your light bar and plug the other end into your snowmobiles 12 volt outlet.

Best Arctic Cat M8000 Sno Pro Limited LED Lighting Set-up

All the Arctic Cat Light bars featured in this installation article can be found below:

Aurora 6 Inch NSSR Series with handle Bar Bracket

Aurora 6 Inch Dual Row Light Bar in White

Aurora 6 Inch Dual Row Light Bar in Black

All 6 Inch Light Bars

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