Best Boat Light Bar For A Pathfinder Bay boat

If you are looking for extra LED light for your Pathfinder Bay Boat, then look no further that the Aurora 10 Inch Boat LED light bar.

One of our customers needed additional lighting for night time fishing and night time navigation when operating his Pathfinder 1806V Bay Boat. As most Pathfinder boat owners know, Pathfinder boats are built to be “Angler Driven”.

What Pathfinder Boats means by that is that they build every boat with the dedicated Angler’s in mind. What Pathfinder Boats doesn’t do is modify existing designs and then just change the exterior cosmetics to make it appear that there is a new boat model.

While a Pathfinder bay boat makes for a great boating investment, the stock lighting was inadequate for our customer's needs so he turned to Aurora for LED boat light options.

We were able to find him a LED Boat Light Bar based off his requirements of:

  • Boat Light Bar Budget
  • Boat Light Bar Mounting Space
  • Night time Boating Activities
  • LED Boat Lighting Required

From that list of Boat Light Bar requirements, we were able to set him up with the Aurora 10 Inch Boat LED Light Bar.

aurora boat led light bar

The 10 Inch Aurora Boat LED light Bar is a compact, yet powerful boat LED light bar that produces a phenomenal 8,560 lumens. The Aurora boat light bar also comes equipped with a combination beam pattern that has the ability to shine LED light over 2,700 feet away, that's about 822 meters.

Best boat light bar for pathfinder bay boat by aurora

The Aurora 10 Inch Boat LED light bar comes equipped with the following:

Best Aurora led boat light bar for Pathfinder bay boat

  • Stainless steel screws inserted every 1.5” on the boat light bar which creates an impermeable seal
  • The Boat light bar has double the area of heat dissipation to prevent overheating
  • A military breather is installed on the Boat light bar to maintain the air differences in the boat light bar
  • A full deluxe boat light bar wiring harness is included with the boat light bar to make installation easier.
  • A Deutsch Connector is attached to the end of the boat light bar to make sure your boat light bar is shielded from contaminants.


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Aurora 10 Inch Boat Light Bar technical specifications:

  • Number of Boat Light Bar LED’s: 20 Cree XTE 5-Watt LED Chips
  • Boat Light Bar Wattage: 100 Watts
  • Boat Light Bar Amp Draw: 3.6 Amps
  • Boat Light Bar Overall Length when Mounted: 13.9 Inches
  • Boat Light Bar Overall Height when Mounted: 4.2 Inches

When the boat light bar is powered on during the day this is what you can expect, so you can anticipate to easily find your way back home with this Aurora 10 inch boat light bar when the sun goes down.

Aurora 10 inch boat light bar on pathfinder bay boat 1806v

But Wait...there's more!!!

To add additional customization to the Pathfinder Bay Boat the customer added an Aurora Blue Multipurpose Boat light to the bottom of his Pathfinder Bay Boat. This blue LED boat light from Aurora is actually a LED rock light but because of its waterproof capabilities it can be used for LED boat lighting.

Aurora Blue LED boat light

Here you can find the Aurora 10 inch Boat LED light bar, and don't forget shipping is FREE!

Or check out the full Aurora LED boat Light Bar and Pod line up.

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