My Jeep Wrangler Light Bar Doesn’t Turn On, What Do I Do?

Recently we encountered a scenario where a customer was replacing his cheap Jeep Wrangler Amazon LED light bar with an Aurora 50 Inch Dual Row Light Bar at a certified repair facility. Upon completion of the install, they flipped the switch and the light bar did not turn on.

Aurora Jeep Wrangler LED light bar

The technician, who has installed light bars in the past, took the Aurora light bar off the Jeep Wrangler and started to perform a bench test. The technician connected the Aurora light bar to a jumper pack and the Jeep Wrangler light bar still didn’t turn on.

To create a control group the technician performed the same test on the cheap Amazon Jeep wrangler light bar that was previously on the Jeep and that light bar turned on.

What went wrong?

Was the new Jeep Wrangler Light bar made by Aurora defective? Was the cheap amazon Jeep Wrangler light bar more superior?

The answers is “None of the above”.

Aurora Jeep Wrangler light bars are manufactured with super-efficient LED driver circuitry which allows for 97% of the power to go directly to the LED’s in a low current consumption. Because of this design, the entire Aurora Jeep Wrangler light bar must be well protected for accidental reverse connections, over-voltage protection and under-voltage protection.

best led light bars for jeep wrangler is Aurora

In the scenario above where the light bar did not turn on when installed on the Jeep Wrangler, the Aurora Jeep Wrangler light bar was being exposed to an under-voltage condition which caused the light bar to protect itself from electrical damage, resulting in the light bar to not turn on. The Jeep Wrangler had a poor power and ground connection which was preventing the Aurora light bar from functioning correctly.

When the technician removed the Jeep Wrangler light bar and performed the bench test, the jumper pack didn’t have sufficient energy to power the light bar causing the light bar to appear inoperable.

The cheap Amazon Jeep wrangler light bar was successful during the bench test because it didn’t require the same amount of amperage as the Aurora Jeep Wrangler light bar nor was it equipped with any type of dedicated advanced circuitry to provide protection.


Jeep Wrangler led light bar 50 inch by aurora

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