Best LED Light Bar for Triton Boats 2690CC

One of our newer customers Steve, owns a Triton 2690CC that needed additional LED boat lighting for his nighttime fishing tournaments. Steve knew he wanted a boat light bar to put on top of his Triton 2690CC but was indecisive about which boat light bar to pick. 

Triton Boat Light Bar Selection

Based of the mounting space on top of the Triton boat, Steve was able to determine that the best light bar for the Triton boat would be a 30 Inch Aurora Boat light bar. The dilemma Steve now had was that he didn’t want to do the traditional Marine White 30 Inch boat light bar, instead he wanted to install the Aurora 30-inch Black light bar on his boat.

Aurora triton boat light bar

Steve’s concern was that the Aurora 30 Inch Black Light bar would not endure the harsh boating conditions that the 30 Inch Marine White Boat light bar could withstand. So we, at Off Brand had to enlighten Steve about the genuine differences between the two boat light bars.

White Triton Boat Light Bar vs Black Triton Boat Light Bar

So, what is the difference between the 30 Inch Black Boat light bar and the 30-inch white light bar? Steve was delighted to know that the only difference between the two boat light bars was just the exterior colors.

triton boat light bars

Both Triton boat light bars are built with the same high-quality standards which means they both share the following features:

Best LED Light Bar for Triton Boats 2690CC


Triton Light Bar Installation

Installing the boat light bar on the Triton 2690 was simple since it was being installed on the T-tops.


Once the 30 Inch Triton light bar was installed the wires were ran down the sides and to the boats factory control panel.


Triton Spreader Lights

When we received the installed pictures from the customer, we noticed he had a cheap spreader light on his boat.

triton boat spreader lights

So we told Steve about our Triton LED spreader lights and how the Aurora 4 Inch wide angle lights would provide more light at a 120 degree angle.



While Aurora LED light bars are built tough and can take some abuse there is one thing that these light bars don’t do well against, and that is bugs. While towing your boat to the fishing tournament you may have noticed that your vehicle has the uncanny ability to hit every bug in the state, which means your boats light bar will be covered in dead bugs.

As if you didn’t have enough task to complete before the fishing tournament, you now have to scrub bug entrails off your boat light bar. To prevent this chore, it’s best to install an Aurora 30 Inch Boat Light bar cover. These boat light bar covers easily slide over your boat light bar and provide an extra layer of protection against bugs and other flying debris you may encounter.

Aurora boat light bar covers


Since 1996 Triton Boats has been manufacturing tournament ready, high performance bass boat’s in the United States. Triton boats originally had heir manufacturing plant in Ashland,Tennessee but in 2005 they were acquired by Brunswick Corp and in 2018 Triton moved into a state-of-the-art production facility in Midway, Arkansas.

Since that time Triton has released multiple tournament ready boats that have been used in Bass Fishing tournaments across the country.

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