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The Sea Pro Open Fisherman is a popular center console boat and probably the best boat to be manufactured in South Carolina. This center console boat is a popular choice for fisherman in Florida so proper LED boat lighting is essential for night time fishing.

One of our Florida customers owns a 2007 23 Foot Sea Pro Open Fisherman and he needed more light to travel the inter-coastal at night. He needed a light that was bright but also compact, so we got him into an Aurora 10 Inch Boat Light bar.

sea pro open fisherman light bar

The Aurora 10 Inch Boat Light bar was picked because it generates 8,560 lumens and throws the light over 2,700 feet. This combination beam equipped boat light bar is fabricated from premium quality 6063 aluminium and coated in marine white to match your Sea Pro boats factory appearance. 

sea pro open fisherman light bar

The last important factor for choosing this Sea Pro boat light bar was the overall length when mounted. This Sea Pro boat light bar 10 Inch Light bar has an overall length of 13.9 inches which fit's perfectly on the top of the center console. 

Sea Pro Open Fisherman light bar

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