Using an Aurora LED Rock Light as an Interior Light - With Video

Aurora LED Rock Lights are by far, one of the most multi-functional lights on the market. With a name of "Rock Light", most enthusiasts are lead to beleive that these lights can only be used as a rock light. But actually these LED Rock Lights can be used for much, much, more.

aurora led rock light

The Aurora LED Rock Lights feature a 120 degree beam pattern which is what makes them so versatile. Below is a video that our customer Erick created created and it features an Aurora LED White Rock light being re-purposed into an interior cargo light.

You can find the Aurora White LED Rock Light Here.

Aurora LED Rock Light

About Erick 

Erick is not new to the off road scene and he has a very active YouTube and Instagram account. Be sure to follow him using the links below.

Instagram - audiioaddiict.4wd

YouTube - audiioaddiict & 4WD

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