Are all LED headlight bulbs the same?

These are all valid questions that many consumers have but finding the correct answer can be difficult to obtain. While scrolling through my personal Facebook feed I came across an AD for LED headlights where it featured a LED headlight with a fan that was powered on, being dipped in water and then frozen.

I guess the logic here was to demonstrate how durable their LED headlights are but in reality, it indicates nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, it is definitely terrific to see but it’s not a real-world application that your LED headlights will be exposed to.

Furthermore, In that LED Headlight AD someone posted a picture of the LED headlight installed on their vehicle which can be seen below. The people who commented below the picture were undoubtedly impressed but I had a lot of concerns about the validity of the photo and I also noticed that the light pattern of the LED headlight was substandard.

So lets look at the picture that was posted. Do you see any anything wrong with these LED headlights?

Now let’s look at the picture again:

  • Look at Points “A”- Can you see the dark zone with the LED headlight?
  • Look at Point “B” – Can you see how the beam pattern has a rigid and inconsistent Led headlight beam? The LED headlight beam should be a straight line.
  • Look at Point “C” – This one is my favorite; Can you see how the edges of the vehicles fenders have extra light This is because there is extra light being added to the photo to make the picture seem brighter.

So next time you look at an LED headlight AD make sure you look closer at the picture to make sure it makes no extra effects were added.

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