Best 20 Inch Light bar for a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner with Victory 4x4 Blitz Bumper

Heath had just ordered his Victory 4x4 Blitz front bumper for his 5 Gen Toyota 4Runner and needed a particularly sized 20 Inch Single row light bar. These quality-built bumpers are manufactured to integrate with the factory Toyota 4Runner components making the install process seamless. Made in the USA, these bumpers are manufactured to the correct spec every time which meant that Heath needed to find a quality light bar manufacture that also made their light bars to spec.

Toyota 4Runner Light bar Victory 4x4 Blitz Bumper

Toyota 4Runner Light Bar Review 

After reviewing all of Aurora’s 20-inch single row options he ended up selecting the Aurora 20 Inch Single Row hybrid series. The hybrid series is a light bar that was specially designed to have a light beam that would go further than a standard light bar and further than the competitors.

Why is this the Best Light Bar for a Toyota 4Runner

The Aurora Hybrid 20 Inch single light bar that we put on this 4runner is rated for producing 7,704 lumens from just 20 LED’s. This exclusive hybrid formation is created by using a fusion of 3-Watt Cree LED chips and 10 Watt Cree LED chips.

Aurora hybrid series toyota 4runner light bar

Toyota 4Runner Light Bar Difference

The final product is light bar like no other, a LED light bar that can push its LED light almost 400 feet further than the standard Aurora 20 Inch single row. This hybrid light bar that we put on the Toyota 4runner has the ability project light as far as 3,970 feet.

Components that make this the Best Light Bar for a Toyota 4Runner

Aurora hybrid series toyota 4runner light bar

This IP69 rated light bar is fabricated from high quality 6063 aluminum and then paired with a scratch and UV resistant GE Lexan lens. The light bar comes equipped the world-renowned Deutsch Connector, this connector creates a waterproof seal between the light bar and the wiring harness. Lastly the product is fitted with a military breather which allows the light bar to regulate the air inside the light bar with the air outside the light bar.

Installing the Aurora Light Bar on the Toyota 4Runner

Due to the strict quality control standards that Aurora Follows this 20 Inch Hybrid series light bar was able to meet the Toyota 4Runners Victory 4x4 Blitz bumper light bar dimensions of 22" to 22-1/8 inches long. 

Toyota 4runner led light bar victory 4x4 blitz bumper

Finally, the new Aurora Hybrid single row is installed on the Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner light bar Victory 4x4 blitz bumper 5th gen best light bar for Toyota 4Runner

Are you ready to install the best light bar for your Toyota 4Runner? Then get the 20 Inch Single Row Hybrid Series light bar today and take advantage of our free shipping option.

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