Sometimes you can easily add a light bar to the front of your boat. And other times you will need to get creative like our one customer in Alaska. He was able to fabricate his own light bar mount to raise the light bar mounting location to a a foot or so above the boat. The purpose of mounting the boat light bar this way was to maximize the light coming out of the Aurora 50 Inch marine light bar since it was mounted so far back from the front of the boat.


Boat Light Bar Mounts

If you can’t fabricate your own boat light bar mounts don’t worry as we have a multiple boat light bar mounting solutions that will work for you!

Lexbern Boat Light Bar Mounts

New to the market, and manufactured based off customer feedback are the Marine White, LEXBERN boat light bar mounts.


Now you can mount your white marine light bar and have the mounts to match! 

These Lexbern boat light bar mounts are aerodynamically designed to hold the marine light bar or marine LED cube lights firmly in place during the most severe boating conditions.

LEXBERN Boat Light Bar Mounts Marine White

These economically designed boat light bar mounts are comprised of solid 6063 lightweight aluminum and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

You can mount this product with pride knowing that it is painted coated White to prevent rust and then finished with a special Anti-UV coating to survive the long haul.

LEXBERN Boat Light Bar Mounts Marine White

Classic Series Marine Light Bar mounts 

Easily add more lights to your boat with these high quality Aurora LED marine light bar brackets.


These boat light bar mounts are available in four different variations.

Tube Boat Light Bar Mount - Works with all Marine Light bars and Marine Light pods.


Horizontal Boat Light Bar Mount - Works with marine Spreader lights, marine pods, and smaller marine light bars


Oblique Boat Light Bar MountWorks with all Marine Light bars and Marine Light pods 


Vertical Boat Light Bar mountWorks with marine Spreader lights, marine pods, and smaller marine light bars


High Clearance Boat Light Bar Mounts

If you are looking for a taller mount for your boat light bar, then you might want to consider these High Clearance light bar mounts.


While the traditional dual row light bar mounts are only 2.5 inches tall, these marine high clearance light bar mounts are 3 inches tall. The extra half inch is enough to make your light bar clear an obstacle or help you mount your light bar on your T-Top.

High Clearance Light Bar Mounts

Check out the full selection of mounts

Check out our full selection of Marine lights

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