Brightest Tuna Tower Boat Light Bars

Owning a boat with a Tuna Tower has many advantages as most of you may know. The ability to see where the fish is turning when hooked, spotting schools of fish, and the abilty to spot other obstacles make it a worthy investment for a lot of boat owners. But what happens when the sun goes down, is your boat equipped with adequate LED light boat lighting to get full use out of that Tuna tower in the dark.

David in Connecticut was aware of that issue and he knew something must be done. After researching all the various manufactures of boating led lighting, he opted to go with a new brand he hadn’t heard of called Aurora. The specs of the Aurora LED Boat lighting appealed the most to David since the boat light bars appeared to be brighter than other boat light bars on the market. However, there was a serious drawback for David as he noticed that these boat lights bars were made in China.

That setback didn’t last for long as he learned more about Aurora history and manufacturing expertise. Aurora is located just outside of Hong Kong and has a stellar manufacturing background as well as the following notable traits:

  • Holds over 100 patents
  • Manufactures SAE Compliment and E-marked Approved Boat LED lights
  • Has a full staff of dedicated engineers
  • Debuted as manufacture of complex Military communication devices  
  • Manufacturing Specialty includes Bluetooth electronics
  • New Patented LED Fan-Less LED Headlights
  • Has an Depth Boat Light Bar Testing process that surpasses other boat light bar manufactures. These Boat Light Bar test include, temperature test, vibration test, impact testing and much more.

Buying Tuna Tower Light Bars

Now that David was sold on the quality of the boat light bars, he needed to determine which light would work best. To determine the best boat light bar set-up he evaluated his needs and concluded that he would need a Tuna Tower light bar in the front and a Tuna Tower light bar in the rear.

Rear Tuna Tower Boat LED Lighting

Since most of the nighttime fishing occurs at the rear of the Tuna Tower he decided that the biggest boat light bar should be at the rear of the Tuna Tower. So David went with the brightest boat light bar in Aurora’s LED Boat lighting Arsenal, the Aurora 50 Inch Boat Light Bar.

aurora 50 inch tuna tower light bar

This Aurora 50 Inch boat light bar features 100 Cree LED’s spanning across two rows and then housed in IP69K rated, 6063 aluminum housing. Hitting the switch on this Tuna Tower boat light bar liberates 42,800 lumens onto the unsuspecting night transforming nighttime to daytime. This powerful boat light bar comes equipped with a combination beam.

tuna tower boat light bar 50 inch aurora

Front Tuna Tower boat LED lighting

For the front of the Tuna Tower David went with an Aurora 30 Inch Boat light bar.

aurora tuna tower light bar

The Aurora 30-inch boat light bar is outfitted with 60 Cree LED’s covering two rows and produces 25,680 lumens. This boat light bar features the same IP69K rating as the 50 inch boat light bar. 

Tuna tower boat light bar 30 inch

This Tuna Tower boat light bar set-up is ideal for any Tuna Tower or Commercial Fishing Vessel that require a vast amount of light to operate safely and efficiently at night. David is also in the process of adding a pair of Aurora 6 inch boat light bars so be sure to check back to follow the progress of his Tuna Tower boat light bar build.


The Aurora 30 Inch Boat light bar and the Aurora 50 Inch boat light bar are now offered in curved versions.

Aurora 30 Inch Curved Boat Light Bar

Aurora 50 Inch Curved Boat Light Bar

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