Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

Reversing down a trail in an ATV can be challenging at times but trying to maneuver your ATV in the dark is much more challenging. To make this task easier, Aurora has a variety of affordable ATV LED reverse light options from you to pick from.

The most affordable ATV LED reverse lights by far are the Aurora 2-Inch Wide Angle Scene beam LED reverse lights.


These ATV LED reverse lights are compact with an overall length of only 2.8 inches, and a height of 1.7 inches. While these ATV LED reverse lights are small in size, they should not be overlooked as they produce an eye opening 900 lumens.

The Aurora ATV LED reverse lights come equipped with a wide-angle scene beam pattern. These Scene beam LED lights have the ability to emit LED light at a very wide 120 degrees which is double the width of a ATV LED flood light beam.

Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

Polaris LED Reverse Light Installation

The Aurora wide angle ATV reverse lights make a perfect addition to any ATV because they have a low amp draw of 0.9 amps.

aurora ATV led reverse light


Another ATV Reverse Light Alternative

If you need more light you can upgrade to the Aurora 4-Inch-Wide angle ATV reverse lights.

Best Polaris ATV LED Reverse Lights

These 4 inch lights ATV reverse lights make an excellent addition to any ATV because of their wide angle beam that produces 1,800 lumens. This ATV LED reverse can be mounted in the center of your ATV giving you a really clean look.

Polaris ATV LED Reverse Light Summary

So we have learned that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot when it comes to ATV LED reverse lights. We also learned that there are compact ATV LED reverse light options available to keep your ATV looking presentable.

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