NauticStar 244 XTS Boat Light Bar

When it comes to budget friendly boats, NauticStar make the cut. Since 2002, NauticStar has earned the reputation for consistently producing high quality and reliable boats. Like NauticStar, Aurora is also a budget friendly and top quality manufacturer, so mounting an Aurora Boat light bar on a NauticStar boat is almost like it was made to be. 

2017 NauticStar 244 XTS Boat Light Bar

Our southern customer Erik owns 2017 NauticStar 244 XTS that was in need of LED boat lighting. Erik, like the rest of us, wanted an affordable boat light bar for his NauticStar. So after doing his research he came to us and purchased an Aurora 10" Marine light bar for the top of his NauticStar. 


Aurora 10" Boat Light Bar for a NauticStar 244 XTS

While the Aurora 10" Marine light bar is only a 10 inch boat light bar it's not to be underestimated. This boat light bar is equipped with a combination beam pattern that produces 8,560 lumens.

NauticStar 10 inch boat light bar

Small in size, this boat light bar is packed with 20, Cree XTE 5-watt LED chips that have a reasonable amp draw of only 3.6 amps. When you add all the specs up, you get a compact boat light bar that will produce a usable light beam of up to 2,723 feet

Budget Friendly NauticStar Boat Light Bar

Aurora NauticStar Boat Light Bar Package Contents 

  • One Aurora 10 Inch Boat light bar
  • Two Aurora boat light bar mounts
  • One Full Wiring Harness that consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line line, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation

2017 NauticStar 244 XTS Boat Light Bar Installation

Erik had previously installed a Sea dog switch panel on his NauticStar and wanted the new Aurora boat light bar to operate via that switch panel. Even though the Aurora boat light bar comes with a switch you can easily add this light bar to your Sea dog panel or any other panel. 

If you need to extend the boat light bars wiring you can simply purchase the Aurora Boat light Bar extender which will easily add 16.5 feet. With this Plug N' Play extender kit, there is no cutting or splicing, just plug in and go! 


NauticStar 244 XTS 10 inch Aurora Boat Light Bar

Like all completed upgrades, your want to quickly get out there to test out your new product. However, most of us typically have to wait weeks or months, but not Erik. That evening Erik decided to take his NauticStar 244 out on the water to test it out but unbeknownst to him, there was a challenge awaiting that would be putting his new Aurora Marine light bar to the test.

While out on the water he come upon a stranded boat and had to tow the boat for an hour an a half which put him well into the night. With no moonlight, he only had his new Aurora Marine light bar to rely on.

Erik was very pleased with the lights performance as he found the Aurora light to be extremely beneficial when he hit a section of river with no housing or other methods of light. The Aurora boat light bar was able to assist him in locating crucial reference points to aid him in safely towing the disabled boat back to the dock. 

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