Best Victory 4x4 LED Reverse Lights for Toyota 4Runner

Our customer Brian, needed bright LED reverse lights for his 2018 Toyota 4Runner. He had just ordered a VIctory 4x4 Strike, rear off road bumper and needed LED reverse lights that would bolt right up.A great feature about the Victory 4x4 4Runner bumpers are that it allows you to mount 3 inch LED pod reverse lights instead of Flush-Mount LED reverse lights. So after Brian did some quick measurements he was able to confirm that the Aurora 3" Wide Angle Scene Beam lights, would be a perfect fit.


Quality Built Toyota 4Runner LED Reverse Lights

When it comes to popular LED reverse lights, these Aurora wide angle scene beam lights are the way to go. Built with an IP69 ingress rating these LED lights are durable enough for any off road scenario. Then when the sun goes down and you're backing up, these lights will unleash a stunning 3,880 lumens into the dark which will substantially increase your visibility.

toyota 4runner LED reverse light specifications

How Bright are these Toyota 4Runner LED Reverse Lights?

While the lights are incredibly bright they also come equipped with the widest beam pattern on the market, the Wide Angle Scene Beam. This unique LED light pattern emits the light at a remarkable 120 degrees both horizontally and vertically. 

Toyota 4runner led reverse light beam pattern

How to install LED Reverse lights on a Toyota 4Runner

There are three ways to install this Aurora LED reverse light kit onto your Toyota 4Runner. While all installation options are easy to do they all come down to personal preference. We listed the options below in order of complexity and added advantages and disadvantages for each one.  

  • Direct Wire to your factory lights - This method is by far the easiest and the quickest method of installation. For this method, use a wiretap to obtain power and ground from your factory reverse lights.
    1. Advantage: Little to no electrical knowledge is needed to wire these LED reverse lights. This is the quickest and cheapest method to have functioning LED reverse lights on your vehicle.
    2. Disadvantage: You will not have any control as to when the LED reverse Lights function as they will only come on when you place the vehicle in reverse.
  • Switch Activated - This method allows you to operate the lights using the provided Aurora light pod wiring harness which allows you to turn the reverse lights on or off when needed. 
    1. Advantage: Puts you in full control of when you want to operate the LED reverse lights.
    2. Disadvantages: The LED reverse lights will not automatically illuminate when you place your vehicle in reverse as you will need to manually operate the switch. You will also need to route & connect the following wires; a power to the LED light; a power wire to the positive battery terminal; and a ground wire from the switch to your LED reverse lights.
  • 3-way switch - This method is the best of both worlds. This method allows you to turn the reverse lights on at your own discretion. The lights can be wired to have them turn on or off with the reverse lights, or you can have them stay off.
    1. Advantage: Puts you in full control of when your LED reverse lights function.
    2. Disadvantage: For these LED reverse lights to function it will require a little bit more electrical knowledge. You will also need to connect and route the following wires; a power to the LED light; a power wire to the positive battery terminal; and a ground wire from the switch to your LED reverse lights


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