The Luminous Advantages of an Aurora Boat Light Bar on a Flat Bottom Boat

Flat bottom boats are the workhorses of calm water bodies, often used for fishing, hunting, and leisurely cruises. Their stability and shallow draft make them ideal for navigating through marshes, rivers, and lakes. However, when the sun sets, visibility can become a challenge, and that's where the Aurora boat light bar comes into play.

**Best Flat Bottom Boat Light Bar **

Increase the nighttime visibility of your Grady White with the Aurora 20 Inch Marine Curve Light bar. When you hit the switch on this marine light bar you will be unleashing 17,120 lumens making it easier to spot buoys at night. 

The Jon boat light bar is designed with dual flood and spot optics, offering a versatile combination beam pattern. With a simple flick of the switch, it emits an intensely bright light that extends over a great distance and breadth, illuminating your path ahead.

**Illuminating the Path Ahead**

The primary benefit of installing a Flat bottom boat light bar is the significant improvement in visibility during low-light conditions. Whether you're heading out for an early morning fishing trip or returning from a late evening on the water, the powerful beam of an Aurora light bar cuts through the darkness, illuminating obstacles and hazards that could pose a risk to your safety and your vessel's integrity.

**Navigational Safety**

Navigational safety is paramount, and the enhanced lighting provided by an Aurora marine light bar ensures that you can safely navigate through tricky waterways. The light bar's broad coverage reduces the chances of collisions with other watercraft and helps in spotting buoys, docks, and shoreline features that are crucial for safe navigation.

**Durability in Harsh Conditions**

Aurora light bars are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. With features like 360° ceramic protection against UV, saltwater, and corrosion, and an IP69 ingress rating that makes it fully submersible and resistant to moisture, these light bars promise longevity and reliability.

**Enhanced Nighttime Experiences**

For those who enjoy the serenity of night cruising or the thrill of nighttime fishing, an Aurora light bar transforms the experience. The bar's illumination enhances the ambiance and provides a clearer view of the water, making it easier to spot fish and other aquatic life.

**Features of the Flat bottom Boat**

  • Stainless steel Screws- Inserted every 1.5 inches to ensure an impenetrable seal.
  • Oversized Heat Sinks: The IP69 rated housing is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum with oversized heat sinks to increase heat dissipation.
  • Full Wiring Harness: Consist of a waterproof on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation.
  • Deutsch Waterproof Connector: World renowned waterproof connectors keep your investment safe from water intrusion.
  • Osram 5-watt LED Chips 
  • GE Lexan Lens - This Scratch and UV resistant lens is 300 times stronger than glass. 
  • High Quality 6063 Aluminum housing
  • Outdoor Dupont painting coats the LED light bar housing, guaranteeing the housing will remain unchanged for 5 years.
  • Military Breather - Allows this light bar to rapidly adjust to its surroundings to prevent unwanted moisture build up.

**Flat Bottom Boat Light Bar Dimensions**

aurora marine boat light bar dimensions

**Energy Efficiency**

LED technology is known for its energy efficiency, and this Flat Bottom Boat light bar is no exception. It provides bright, high-quality light while consuming less power, which means less strain on your boat's battery and longer periods of use between charges.

**What comes with the Flat Bottom Boat Light Bar**

20-inch-marine-curve-kit-contentsIncluded is one 20-inch Marine Curved Light Bar equipped with a Female Deutsch Connector, two Aluminum Mounts, and one Deluxe Wiring Harness. The Aurora Wiring Harness features an on/off switch with an LED indicator light, an in-line fuse, a 12v40A relay, and all necessary wiring for a professional-grade installation.

**Versatility and Ease of Installation**

The versatility of the flatbottom boat light bar allows for installation on various parts of the boat, ensuring optimal lighting for your specific needs. The mounting brackets are designed for easy installation, making it a convenient upgrade for flat bottom boat owners.

These marine light bars come with rubber mounting pads designed to be placed between the light bar mounts and the mounting surface. The purpose of these pads is to safeguard the mounting surface against scratches or abrasions. Additionally, the specialized mounts for these light bars enable a full 360-degree rotation of the marine light bar.

**Flatbottom Boat Light Bar Specifications**

  • Beam Distance: 3,478 Feet
  • Lumens: 17,120 lumens
  • Amp Draw: 7.3 Amps
  • Beam Pattern: Combination beam pattern
  • Ingress Rating: IP69
  • Number of LED's: 40
  • LED Type: Osram 5 Watt
  • Overall Height When Mounted: 4.2 Inches 

**Aesthetic Appeal**

Beyond functionality, an Aurora light bar adds a sleek, modern look to your boat. The design is not only practical but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vessel, making it stand out on the water.

In conclusion, the benefits of installing an Aurora boat light bar on a flat bottom boat are numerous. From improved safety and visibility to durability and energy efficiency, it's an investment that enhances your boating experience. Whether you're a casual boater or a seasoned angler, the Aurora light bar is a shining addition to your nautical adventures.

Ready to light up your boating experience? Consider the Aurora boat light bar for your flat bottom boat and see the difference for yourself. Safe travels and clear skies!


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