Do more with your Flat Bottom Boat!

Boat Curved Light Bars
Flat-bottom boats are the stalwarts of tranquil waters, commonly utilized for fishing, hunting, and leisure cruises. Yet, as dusk falls, visibility can diminish significantly. This blog post discusses how one of our customers addressed this problem by installing an Aurora boat light bar.

Cape Horn Boat Light Bar

Boat Curved Light Bars
Cape Horn boats are the ultimate choice for adventurous sailors who want to explore the most challenging waters of the world which is why our customer came to us to outfit his Cape horn 27XS with the brightest Marine light bar.

Best Everglade Boat Light Bar

Boat Curved Light Bars
Everglade Boats are the perfect choice for boating enthusiasts who want to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the outdoors. So why should you put your boat away just becuase the sun goes down. Check out how we helped our customer solve his lighting issue. 

Boston Whaler LED Marine Lights

Boat Curved Light Bars
If you're into boats, you probably know about Boston Whaler. They're the ones who make those cool foam-filled fiberglass boats that can't sink, eve...

Sailfish Bright Marine Lighting

Boat Curved Light Bars

Own a sailfish boat? Tired of not being able to see channel markers and buoys? Then check out how we helped our customer overcome those challenges on his Sailfish 2360.


Sea Hunter Boat Gets a Bright Light Upgrade

Boat Curved Light Bars

This 36-foot Sea Hunter boat gets a massive lighting upgrade to make it easier to bring in the big fish at night without breaking the bank.


Bright Hewescraft LED Light Upgrade

Boat Curved Light Bars
The Hewescraft Searunner 210 is a household name that needs no introduction but for those who are unfamiliar with this vessel, it’s one of the toughest and most agile mid-sized boats on the market...Check out how we outfitted this boat with best and brightest marine lights.

Best Marine LED Light bar for Yamaha Boats

Boat Curved Light Bars
The Yamaha 195 is powerful sport fishing boat that is a popular choice among anglers and boaters....The only downside to this boat is its factory lighting which can be easily upgraded by reading this quick article about what one of our customers did.

Chris Craft Catalina Light Bar Upgrade

Boat Curved Light Bars
Upgrade your Chris-Craft Catalina with one of the brightest marine light bars on the market.

Stamas Aagean Boat Lighting Solution

Our customer John in Florida has a Stamas Aagean 390 that he wanted to add more lighting to. With fishing being one of his favorite hobbies, John wakes up early in the morning to leave and find the perfect fishing spot. Leaving that early in the morning does present its fair share of challenges, mainly, safely navigating a 41 foot boat with only the stock lighting. 
NEW - Aurora Curved Marine White Light Bars

NEW - Aurora Curved Marine White Light Bars

Boat Curved Light Bars

Due to popular demand we are proud to announce that you can now purchase an Aurora marine white LED light bar in a curved configuration. Built as strong and durable as the traditional Aurora curved series these curved marine white light bars perform to the same expectations. The marine white light bars feature a combination beam and have a lumen range that start at 17,120 and up to an amazing 42,800 lumens.