How to build a LED light bar

Did you ever wonder why Aurora makes some of the best LED light bars in the world? Well we are going to walk you though Aurora’s steps in creating the best light bar on the market.

Light Bar Development

This phase in building a LED light bar is understanding what the market is looking for. Market research is performed by Auroras Research & Development team to completely comprehend what features customers are looking for. Once Aurora has a clear understanding of the LED light bar their customers are looking for they can move on to the next step which is design phase.

Light Bar 2D Model Design

Aurora’s engineers will work to design a 2D drawing of the light bar in their exclusive CAD system. With the 2D drawings finalized Aurora’s engineers will move onto creating 3D drawings.

Light Bar 3D Drawings and Modeling

These 3D drawings will facilitate the creation of constructing a LED light bar prototype. We cannot divulge too many details in this section because these light bar manufacturing secrets are what makes Aurora the best light bar manufacture in the world.secret.

how to build a led light bar

Light Bar Prototype and Tooling

With this new 3D file Aurora is ready to open tooling for the various components that comprise the light bar such as the heat sink, optical system, lens, bracket, etc. A majority of Aurora LED lighting products are done by creating new tooling which is expensive, but it allows for the best quality product to be manufactured. Other LED light bar suppliers choose to use what’s known as public tooling which is inexpensive but has a lot of disadvantages such as sub-par material and build quality.

PCB designing

Designing of the PCB is Aurora’s next step in the process. The PCB is the brains of the light bar as it contains the various electronic components which is needed for the LED light bar to function efficiently. Aurora's LED driver circuitry is super-efficient and enables 97% of the power to go directly to the LED with a low current consumption. Unlike other cheap light bars, Aurora’s light bars are specially designed to cause no interference with your vehicle’s electronics like your radio, GPS and other electronic devices.

how to build a light bar

Light bar Testing & Validation

Once the design is complete, Aurora engineers can move forward with manufacturing the first sample based on all the design work they completed in the prior steps. Once the new sample is fabricated, the engineers place the product through Aurora’s rigorous testing process.

  • Salt Testing: The light bar is placed in a highly corrosive saline environment.
    • What it demonstrates: The led light bars ability to retain its special coating during the winter months when extremely destructive salt is sprayed on the road. This also protects the light bar against saltwater.
  • Lens Impact Test: The lens of the light bar is tested by having a 17-ounce ball dropped onto it from a height of 40 inches.
    • What it demonstrates: The lens of light bar ability to within stand damage from rocks and other forging debris.
  • Vibration Test: The Light bar is violently shaken for a predetermine duration.
    • What it demonstrates: The light bars ability to retain its structure and components during extreme off-road driving or severe choppy waters.
  • UV Test: The Light bar is positioned inside a specially designed UV emitting testing device for two days.
    • What it demonstrates: This testing device simulates an environment equivalent to 5 years of direct UV exposure which validates the light bars ability to retain its dupont coating.
  • Temperature Test: The light bar is situated in a testing device that produces both extreme hot and cold temperatures.
    • What it demonstrates: Substantiates the light bars ability to function correctly in intense cold or hot temperatures.

how to build a light bar and test a light bar

Final Production

Once the Aurora LED light bar meets or exceeds the strict testing procedures dictated by Aurora’s engineers the product can enter the next and final stage which is production. The new Aurora LED light is then mass produced by Aurora’s top tier and highly skilled production staff. Final production of the new LED product is about 30 days and once that is completed it is securely packaged and shipped around the world to Aurora’s various customers.

how to build a light bar packaging

You can check out the full Aurora led light bar Catalog or if you still have questions then feel free to reach out to us .


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