Aiming your LED light bar is a critical element of maximizing the full potential of your LED light bar. Improper aiming of a LED light bar can reduce the amount of effective light or blind other drivers. To adequately aim your LED light bar, you will first need to know which beam pattern you have.

Before we begin you must understand how to adjust your light bar.

Dual Row Light Bars
  • Cheap LED light bars can be hard to adjust but Aurora’s Dual Row Light Bars make it easy. Aurora’s light bar’s feature an exclusive light bar mount that allows for a complete 360-degree rotation. To adjust, simply loosen the lock nut on both sides and physically adjust the light bar to your desired setting. Then tighten the bolts on both sides and hit the trail.
Aurora LED Light Bar mount
    Dual Row light bars with Sliding brackets
    • To offer the best in class product, Aurora designed these specialty style sliding brackets. These sliding light bar brackets provide more options when it comes to light bar mounting since the mounts attach to the back of the LED light bar and slide along the back of the light bar until you reach your desired mounting location. Once you find your desired mounting location for your light bar you just tighten the sliding bolt and you are good to go. These sliding light bar mounts can be found on the standard Aurora Dual Row Light Bars and by selecting the options of “Sliding bracket”.
    Aurora sliding bracket
      Single Row Stainless Steel Mount light bars
      • Because the Single Row Light Bars need to be as slim as possible Aurora created an unbeatable light bar mount that also include security screws to prevent theft. These light bar mounts feature a dedicated slot that allows for the greatest range of movement.
      Aurora Single Row LED  light mount
      • To adjust the single row light bars, you will first loosen the main mounting nut which is the hardware that is closest to the front of the light bar. Second, you will use Aurora’s specialty security screw key to break loose the bolt enough that the slim light bar moves up and down. When the desired position is identified you will just reverse the steps you took to loosen the bolts.
        1. Step 1 tighten the bolt in the rear with Aurora’s security tool.
        2. Step 2 tighten the bolt in the front of the light bar.
      • Single Row light bar mountsNSSR Series
        • The Aurora NSSR Series is a new style light bar that features a 30% width reduction that allows for more mounting possibilities. These new light bars feature one mounting bolt that also allows for 360-degree rotation like the Aurora Dual Row light bars.
      Aurora NSSR Series
        • To adjust this light bar, you will loosen the mounting bolt with the provided Allen or Hex key on both sides. Then rotate the light bar to the desired position and tighten the bolts on both sides.

        How to aim a combination beam LED light bar:

        Aurora combination beam

        A light bar equipped with a combination beam pattern is the like having a spot beam pattern and a flood beam pattern all in one unit. So, the best place to mount this light bar should be on the roof or hood of the vehicle, the higher the better. When aiming a combination beam pattern light bar its best to make sure the light goes as far down the road as possible to optimize its efficiency.

        How to aim a Driving beam LED light bar:

        LED light bars equipped with a driving beam emit LED light at 60 degrees and is distinguished by its sharp diamond shaped beam. These light bars should be mounted low on the vehicle, right around the mounting height of your vehicle’s factory fog lights.

        How to aim a Scene Beam Wide Angle LED light bar:

        Aurora wide angle scene beam

        LED light bars equipped with a Scene Beam wide angle beam pattern distribute light at a 120-degree beam pattern. These wide-angle light bars have the capacity to push out a significant amount of light and the ability to have that LED light focused relatively close to the vehicle. Because of the LED lights ability to focus the LED light around the vehicle it makes them perfect for rescue equipment, tow trucks, firetrucks, EMS, construction equipment, mining equipment, and any other situations where you are working in the dark and your vehicle is your only source of lighting. To properly aim these light bars, you must first understand how your vehicle will be positioned while you are working outside of it.

        Construction led light bar- Caterpillar LED light bar

        How To Aim LED Light Pods And LED Light Cubes:

        How to aim Flood LED light pods:

        To aim LED light pods equipped with a flood beam you can either have them both facing straight forward. Or you can use them as LED ditch lights by having them facing straight but slightly outwards to increase the amount of LED light that is on the side of the road.

        Toyota FJ led flood lights - Aurora

        How to aim Spot LED light pods:

        When it comes to Aurora LED pod lights equipped with a spot beam it is critical that these get aimed correctly. Aurora engineered their spot beam LED light pods to be as narrow as possible, so the reach of the LED light pod is maximized. Since the Aurora spot beams are emitted at a very narrow 10 degrees, these LED light pods should always be facing forward or in the precise position you require light around.

        How to aim LED light pods with a Wide-angle Scene Beam:

        The wide-angle scene beam LED beam pattern is also available in light pods. The wide-angle scene beam LED light pods are great for reverse lights. To aim these LED light pods when used as reverse lights you can mount them low on your vehicle and have them face straight back.

        chevy LED fog light

        Or you can mount these LED reverse lights high, like on top of a truck bed cap.

        Toyota LED reverse lights Tacoma LED reverse lights


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