How To Change A Light Bar Fuse

With Aurora being a global leading in the LED light bar market they need to make sure their customers investments are well protected.To achieve that Aurora includes a FREE wiring harness with all their LED light bars and LED light pods. Integrated into the Aurora light bar wiring harness is an inline fuse encased in a waterproof case. Due to the immense power of Aurora LED light bars there could be unique scenarios where the light bar fuse goes bad so we will walk you through the testing and replacement process of a LED light bar fuse replacement.

What is a fuse?

A fuse is a safety device used on electronic devices that provides over-current protection in the event of abnormal current flowing through the electrical connection. LED Light bar fuses typically have an inline fuse but light bars can also be connected to auxiliary fuses boxes or switch panels like the Aurora LED light bar switch kit for Jeep Wranglers (ALO-JCD6)

Aurora -LED-light-bar-switch-panel-jeep-wrangler-light-bar-switch-panel

How does a light bar fuse work?

In the unlikely scenario that an over-current event occurs, the fuse will sever the electrical connection by melting the metal conductive strip that is housed inside the fuse. Once the metal conductive strip is severed it will prevent any electrical current from flowing, thus preventing damage to your light bar.

Why can a light bar fuse blow?

A light bar fuse will blow when something in the light bar electrical wiring is faulty.

How to check if a light bar fuse is blown/bad?

A blown fuse is the number one reason why a light bar can stop functioning which means it should always be the first component that should be examined.

If the light bar fuse is blown you will need to understand why it was blown first using these three steps:

  1. Check light bar power and ground connections at the battery.
  2. Check Light bar connections at DT connectors.
  3. If nothing is found, then check the entire truck light bar wiring harness to make sure there is no damaged wires.

Changing the LED light bar fuse

Once you found the culprit that stopped the light bar from working you can proceed with the next step of replacing the light bar fuse.

1) Open the hood of the vehicle or get access to the fuse of the LED light bar.


    2) Open the light bar waterproof housing to gain access to the fuse.
    3) Pull the fuse out of the holder and check to see if the metal strip is still making a connection. 



      4)Replace with fuse of the same rating.



        5) Securely close fuse holder
        6) Test the light bar to see if it works again

          What size fuse to use for light bar?

          LED light bar fuses are sized based off the wire size, wire length and the amp draw. If you already purchased an Aurora light bar, then simply replace the fuse with the same rating fuse as the one that failed.


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