Deutsch Connector – The best light bar connectors on the market!

Deutsch Connectors - Rugged, Reliable, Industry proven.

History: Deutsch style connectors are manufactured by a company called TE Connectivity who is a global leader in connectors for various market segments. The Deutsch plug connectors are known for offering a rugged solution for harsh environments ranging from off-road driving to extreme boating conditions.

One of the reasons why Aurora lights bars are the best on the market is because they use Deutsch Connectors on all their light bars.

What is a Deutsch Connector? According to TE connectivity the global manufacture. The Deutsch connector is an environmentally sealed connector that are designed for cable to cable, cable to board and cable to device applications. These connectors are to be used where harsh environments are present and where degradation in connections are critical.

Ideal applications: Trucks, buses Truck, Bus, Off-highway, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Emergency Vehicles, Forestry, Recreational, Marine, and Motorcycles.

When should Deutsch Connectors be used? According to TE Connectivity “Connectors provide reliability and performance on the engine or transmission, under the hood, on motor controllers, solenoid interfaces, on the chassis, or in the cab. DT connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. The DT design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, lower costs, and design flexibility.”

The Deutsch goes by many names but here are a few interchangeable terms that are commonly used: Deutsch Connector, Deutsch Plug, Deutz Connector, Deutsch DT connector, Deutsch DT, Deutsch Bulkhead Connector, DT06, DT04, DT02, DT12, Deutsch DT series, DT Series Connector, Deutsch waterproof connectors, Deutsch as connector, and about a million more different names.

We keep it simple at OBP and just refer to them as “Deutsch Connectors” and “DT connectors” for short.

Fun fact did you know that “Deutsch” means German in the German language?

Deutsch Connector Features:

  • Waterproof IP68 Rating
    • Can withstand immersion in 3 feet of water without the leakage or loss of electronic functions
  • 14-20 AWG
  • Multiple pin arrangement
  • In-line, flange PCB mount
  • Rectangular thermoplastic housing
  • Integrated mating latch
  • Wedge locks which guarantees pin contact alignment and retention
  • Fluid resistant to most industrial fluids

    Deutsch Connectors Composition:

    • Extreme Weather Tolerance: -67°F to 257°F
    • Insulation Resistance: 1000 megohms at 77°F
    • Deutsch Connector Material Composition: Durable glass filled PBT
    • Deutsch Connector inter-facial seals Material Composition: Silicone Rubber
    • Deutsch Connector Grommets: Silicone Rubber

    Competitor Alternatives: Competitors of Aurora tend to use generic electrical butt connectors to connect their light bars to a power and ground source. Those connectors may be good for certain applications but over time those connectors break down.



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