While Stratos has halted the production of their boats they are still a very popular high performance fishing boat to own. Our customer Jay, loves to take his 22 foot Stratos walk around to go out fishing in early morning hours in New Jersey. However, his problem was that his vision was limited by the darkness and the dull lighting on his boat and he wanted to make a change. 

After searching other brand name competitors he was able to figure out three key factors for determining which boat light bar he would purchase:

  1. What size boat light bar to put on his boat - A 30 inch boat light bar would be perfect for mounting under his T-top.
  2. Expensive Boat Light Bars - He didn't want to fork out $1,000 for a light but he also didn't want to buy a cheap light bar from amazon.
  3. Boat Light Bar Shipping Time -  He wanted his light bar right away and didn't want to wait weeks for the light bar to arrive.

Jay eventually landed on our website where he was able to find a 30 inch boat light bar that was almost half the price as similar competitors and just as bright. Best of all, he found out that we offer FREE on day shipping!


    Jay was also looking to save a little bit more money so instead of doing the 30 Inch Curve in Marine White he went with settled on the classic black series Aurora 30 Inch Curved Boat light bar.


    Aurora boat light bars and Aurora Classic Black series light bars are all built the same, the only difference is the exterior color. This provides you with more options to ensure your new boat light bar blend with the overall appearance of your boat. If you have a white boat then you want the Aurora White Series light bar, if your boat is any other color, you can can do the Classic Black series

    Stratos 30 Inch Curve Boat Light Bar

    The 30 Inch Curved boat light bar is popular because of its abilty to throw a powerful 25,000 lumens over 4500 feet away in a combination light beam pattern. A combination beam pattern is a light beam that is produced by strategically positioning the LED optics inside of the light bar so it generates the characteristics of a flood and a spot beam. 

    Stratos Boat Light Bar Features

    Stratos boat light bar

    Stainless Steel ScrewsTo ensure an impenetrable seal the curved LED light bar is sealed together with 316 stainless steel screws inserted every 1.5" of surface area which makes it durable enough for the most extreme boating conditions. 

    Over-sized Heat Sink: The fins you see on the rear of the boat light bar are bigger than normal to allow this powerful light bar to adequately cool itself during prolonged use.

    Military BreatherThe boat light bar s equipped with a special breather apparatus that is uniquely designed to prevent condensation and water intrusion. 

    Wiring Harness: The Deluxe Wiring Harness consist of an on/off switch with LED indicator light, in-line fuse, 12v40A relay, and all the wiring you need for professional installation

    Deutsch ConnectorThe Deutsch connector is globally renowned for its ability to be waterproof and its ease of use.

    Stratos Boat Light Bar Mounting and Installation 

    Installation is easy since all Aurora boat light bars come with a full wiring harness. With the Aurora boat light bar harness you have the ability to use the provided boat light bar switch or connect the harness to your boats factory switch panel. For mounting the boat light bar to the Stratos, Jay just mounted it underneath the T-top using the provided Aurora mounts. He did need to drill to small mounting holes to mount the light bar to the T-top.


    With the Aurora boat light bar installed Jay is free to get out into the bay and reduce the Striped Bass population one fish at a time.

    Get your 30 inch Curved boat light bar today and enjoy our free shipping options:

    30 Inch Curve in Classic Black

    30 Inch Curve in Marine White

    Full Range of Boat Light Bars 

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