Perfect KTM Adventure Light Bar Mod

When it comes to riding your KTM Adventure bike at night, you may find that the stock lighting is not efficient enough for those dark back roads. Like other riders, you searched online with the intent to purchase additional auxiliary LED lighting for your Adventure bike only to encounter the following:

  • Half the options out there are close to $1,000 
  • The low priced LED lights on Amazon and EBay have poor reviews or you tried them already and the product failed prematurely.

Just know that you are not alone and that there is one more option out there for you. The most affordable KTM adventure bike option is the Aurora 6 Inch NSSR series single row light bar.

Aurora ktm light bar

KTM Adventure Bike 6 Inch Light Bar by Aurora

The Aurora 6" NSSR series is a new, super slim and super light weight light bar that was designed by Aurora. Its light weight design makes it perfect for mounting on the forks of any bike.


KTM Adventure Bike 6 Inch Light Bar Specs

This Adventure bike light features six, 5 Watt Osram LED chips that produce a powerful 3,648 lumens in a combination beam pattern. The combination beam pattern is cross between a Spot Beam and a Flood beam giving you the best of both worlds.

Aurora 6 inch nssr series light bar ktm

Built to last this KTM Adventure Bike Light Bar features

  • A Military breather to help regulate the air inside the light bar and prevent unwanted condensation
  • Water Proof Deutsch Connectors ensuring a water tight connection.
  • Safety screws which also serve as Anti-theft screws to protect your investment .

KTM light bar by Aurora

KTM Adventure Bike Light Bar Wiring Harness

Aurora KTM Adventure bike light bar wiring harness

Included with this product is a full Aurora wiring harness which consist of the following:

  • Light SwitchCE Compliant 3 Pin Rocker switch encompassed in a water-resistant cover. A red power indication light will illuminate when the light is on, which is bright enough to be seen during the day, but dim enough so it will not cause a distraction when the light bar is powered on on at night.
  • Relay4 pin water resistant relay is rated for 12 volts and 40 amps. The relay also includes a heavy-duty mount allowing for multiple mounting locations. 
  • In-Line Fuse: Industry standard blade-type fuse encased in a water-resistant housing.
  • Wire: Consists of tinned copper wrapped in thermoplastic insulation. The terminal ends are soldered and insulated in heat shrink tubing to prevent contamination from foreign materials. A rugged PVC encases the wires for a very professional looking installation. 
    • Wiring Lengths: Aurora provides you with a total of 16 feet of wiring.
    • From the relay, you will have eight feet of wiring to the LED Light bar, four feet of wiring to the on/off switch, and four feet of wiring to the battery.
  • Deutsch Connectors: The Deutsch connector has a thermoplastic housing design that is sealed to the elements with its signature integrated latch. The integrated latch wedges the terminal pins together in order to create an impenetrable seal eliminating the likelihood of moisture intrusion.
  • Terminal EndsTo ensure a seamless connection to your vehicle’s battery, the positive and negative battery terminal cables are equipped with soldered ring terminals covered with heat shrink tubing.

How to Wire a Light bar to Your KTM Adventure Bike

Perfect KTM Adventure Light Bar Mod

Running the light bar wires on your KTM Adventure bike is fairly simply since ample wiring is provided. It is recommend that you do a dry run with the wires first to see how the wires be installed on your bike. Once you are confident with the layout you can either fold the excess wiring up and secure it with a zip tie or other cable management system as seen in the picture above. You can also cut out the excess wire and splice it to an appropriate length.

How to Mount a Light Bar on your KTM Adventure Bike


The installation process can be easily done by measuring the outside diameter of the forks on your KTM. Once you have the measurement of your forks you can get the appropriate Aurora KTM Tube Light Bar Mounts.


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Aurora 6 Inch NSSR Series Light Bar

Aurora Light Bar Tube Style Mounts

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