Air Reel technologies is a premier Aerial photography company that services the southeastern part of the United States. Covering such a large area means they must be able to get out to various work sites rapidly.

The official company vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee that is outfitted with rugged off-road gear to get to virtually any destination regardless of the terrain. To help navigate this rugged terrain Air Reel technologies needed LED lights to help them complete the job.

Jeep Grand Cherokee LED Lights

Setting up gear or even a campsite in the dark can be cumbersome. A lot of customers typically solve this issue by using head mounted flashlights, that is until we tell them about the Aurora 4 Inch Wide Angle Scene Light.

ALO-L-4-E13T-4-inch-wide-angle scene-beam-spec-sheet

Benefits and features:

  • Stainless steel Screws - Inserted every 1.5 inches to ensure an impenetrable seal.
  • IP69 Ingress Rating: The IP69 rated housing is constructed of high quality 6063 aluminum.
  • Military Breather: Prevents unwanted moisture from building up in the light bar.
  • Deutsch Waterproof Connector: World renowned waterproof connectors keep your investment safe from water intrusions. 

Wide Angle Jeep Grand Cherokee LED Lights

This 4-inch LED light produces 1,800 lumens and is equipped with a wide angle scene beam pattern, which emits a LED light at 120 degrees.


What comes with these Jeep Cherokee LED lights 

  • One Aurora 4 Inch LED Pod Light with Female Deutsch Connector
  • One mating male Deutsch connector
  • One LED Pod Mount
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

Why do you need these LED lights for your Jeep Grand Cherokee

These LED side lights are perfect for anyone who goes camping. As outdoor enthusiast we don't always have the pleasure of setting up camp when the sun up, most of us arrive to the campsite after dark and are forced to use head mounted flash lights to set-up.

The other half of us either use the headlights from their vehicles or they use their other LED light bar, both of those options will most likely blind the other people around you.

The solution are these Aurora 4 Inch LED wide angle camping lights. When you look at the picture below you can see how the beam goes very wide but not very far which is perfect for setting up camp.


Did you notice how these LED camping lights have a clear cut off which would be where your camping neighbors would be.

Mounting Jeep Grand Cherokee LED Camping Lights

Mounting these LED camping lights to the Jeep was simple because these LED lights include stainless steel mounting hardware..


Jeep Grand Cherokee LED Camping Lights Installation 

Included with these LED camping lights is a mating Deutsch connector that allows you to have a waterproof seal. On the other end of the connector is bare wires that can be spliced into your current wiring harness or with the addition of an Aurora wiring harness.


There are two types of LED camping light wiring harnesses you can use which depends on how you want to operate your set-up.

Operating both side lights off of one switch will require an Aurora wiring harness with two male connectors.

Operating the side lights independently of one another means you will have two switches

Final Product - Jeep Cherokee with lights installed


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Aurora 4 Inch Wide Angle Scene Beam Lights

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