Jeep Wrangler JK Lighting Upgrade

Luis in El Salvador put a lot time and money into his Jeep Wrangler JK build and he believes in only putting the on the best products on his Jeep Wrangler. So Luis's first lighting upgrade on his Jeep Wrangler was a DV8 20 inch dual row light bar. 

He was extremely satisfied with his DV8 light bar purchase until he purchased an Aurora 20 Inch single row light bar which he then mounted on the hood using a Jeep Wrangler Hood mount Light bar kit.

Aurora Hood mount kit

Once the installation of Jeep Wrangler hood mounted light bar kit was complete he realized something was wrong. The Aurora single row light bar was out shining his dual row DV8 brand name light bar

With this new knowledge of the Aurora single row light bar out performing his Brand name DV8 light bar he wanted the DV8 off his vehicle, or in his own words, "DV8 is for the birds".

Because the replacement light bar would be roof mounted on his Jeep Wrangler he wanted the new Aurora light bar to have beam that would go further than the rest. So he went with the Aurora 20 Inch Dual Row Hybrid Series

Jeep Wrangler JK Lighting Upgrade

Features and Benefits of the Aurora Hybrid Series

  • Powerful 15,084 Lumens
  • Pushes the beam 4,167 Feet
  • Comprised of 3 watt Cree XBD LED's and 10 watt Cree XML LED's
  • Includes full wiring harness

Luis took advantage of our free shipping option and received the Jeep Wrangler light bar a few days later, and installation commenced.

Jeep wrangler roof LED light bar Aurora hybrid series

Jeep wrangler LED light ba rby Aurora

Aurora Jeep wrangler led light bar

Now that Luis is hooked on Aurora LED lighting products for his Jeep Wrangler he has more lighting upgrades planned in the future so be sure to follow us or check back when we have more updates.

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