Single Row Light Bars vs Dual Row Light Bars - Which is Better!

When it comes to purchasing a new light bar for your vehicle we know that there are a lot of options on the market which can make the buying process difficult than it should be. Therefore, in this article we will address two popular questions that comes up which is;

"What is the difference between a Single Row Light bar and a Dual row light bar."

"Which is better, a Single Row light bar or a Dual row Light bar" 


The two major types of light bars are Single Row light bars and Dual Row light bars. There are major differences between the two types of light bars as well as advantages and disadvantages to installing these light bars on your vehicle.

Single Row Light Bars

Aurora single row light bars

The Single Row Light bar can be easily identified because it is comprised of one horizontal strip of led lights in one unit.

Single Row Light Bar Advantages:

  • Mounting Height – The single row light bar will be more compact than a dual row light bar which means it can fit into mounting locations where overall height can be an issue.
  • Appearance: The single row light bar does not sit as high as a Dual row light bar which means it has a increased chance of blending better with your vehicle’s appearance. For example take a look at the new Aurora's NSSR Series, it's smooth design makes for a very stylish look that can blend with any vehicles appearance. 

Aurora NSSR Series

  • Affordability – The single row light bar is comprised of less material which means it will always be less expensive than its dual row counterpart.

Single Row Light Bar Disadvantages:

  • Lumen Output: Because the Single row light bars only have one row of led lights they do not have as much lumen output as the dual row light bar version.

Dual Row Light Bars:

Aurora Dual Row Light bars

The Dual Row light bar has a distinct look that can identified by its two horizontal strips of led lights that are stacked on top of one another in one unit.

Dual Row Light Bar Advantages:

  • Lumen Output: Two rows of LED lights equate to more LED’s that can produce double the power then the single row version.
  • Light Bar options – Because the dual row light bars have two rows of LED light it allows for a bigger variety of Dual row light bars. For example, there is the Aurora AW Series which features one horizontal strip of white LED’s and another strip of Amber LED’s. The “AW” stands for All Weather and that’s because this light bar can use its strip of white LED’s at night and when snow or foggy conditions are present you can activate the amber strip of LED lights.
Aurora All Weather Series

    Dual Row Light Bar Disadvantages:

    • Affordability: Since Dual Row light bars require more raw materials to construct, it means that the price will always be higher than its single row counterpart.
    • Mounting Height: Because the Dual row light bar has two rows of LED’s it will have an overall mounting height that will be higher than the single row. This means you need to have a clear understanding of your mounting location and its potential height restrictions.

    Now that you have a clear understanding regarding the differences between a Single Row Light bar and a Dual Row Light bar, do you know which Aurora light bar you will get for your vehicle?

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