What are LED Ditch Lights?

So what are LED Ditch Lights? Ditch lights are mounted on the edge of hood of your truck, closest to the windshield. The LED ditch lights are typically a low-profile mount that allows you to mount a LED light cube or pod that doesn’t obstruct your vision during driving.

What are LED Ditch Lights?

What makes these mounts great is the fact that the LED ditch light mounts are roughly placed at 45° angle away from the vehicle which illuminates the sides of the road at night during the following activities:

  • Back Country Driving adventures or everyday driving - For everyday driving on those back-country roads it will help you spot wildlife before they run out in front of your vehicle.
  • Commercial – Prevent damage to your commercials by adding a little light which would help you and your drivers navigate those narrow and poorly lit driveways and alleys.
  • Off Road night driving – When driving on trails at night those trail markers can be hard to see because of overgrown brush or its faded after being there for years. Or my personal favorite, the sign is not even there. By adding a set of ditch lights to your vehicle you don’t have to worry about missing that turn for the trail you were looking.

Now that you have a good understanding of what LED Ditch lights are it makes a perfect segway to the second question that is on your mind. Which LED lights are good for LED ditch lights?

This is a great question because choosing the wrong one could be a waste of money. The LED light you need for LED ditch lights needs to be equipped with a wide-angle beam pattern to give you as much usable light as possible.

The top recommendation would be the Aurora Wide Angle Scene Beam light Kit which emits the light at 120°. While the doesn’t go as far it goes wider than any other LED light cube in the market which makes it perfect for LED ditch lights.

aurora led ditch lights

aurora wide angle LED ditch lights

The second recommendation would be the Aurora LED Cube lights in a flood pattern. These LED lights emit the LED light at 60° which is not as wide as the Scene beam LED cubes but the LED flood beam will go a further distance.

aurora led ditch lights flood pattern

If you are trying to understand the difference between the flood and beam pattern the below diagrams will help you out.

aurora flood beam led ditch lights

aurora wide angle led ditch light

aurora led ditch lights

If you are still unsure as to which product is best for your LED ditch lights you can reach out to us at support@offbrandproducts.com, call 484-513-7746 or open an online chat.

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